Five Awakenings


Session 01/18/2011

“Here Zhao I bought you some tea” Monte
Monte as wonderful he is has set us up in a medium type of hotel with two separate rooms, one for Monte one for Chilaili, and one with three beds for the rest. Monte makes himself known to the local consealum. While Conner make himself know to the local arrow consealum, contact name Obre. Conner follows random people with a high contradiction of destiny. Jack follows along. Chilaili pages through her English to French dictionary she bought at the airport. Monte takes us all out to a Chinese restraint. Monte hears something that strikes his interest, something about ‘Gray Wolf’. Between Monte and Jack they were able to deaden the air so we can talk without worry. Jack tells Monte about the death of his parents which was caused by a powerful death tome named Thanacose.

“Zhao, how do I use these? Do I just stab it?” Chilaili
“No. Look goes like this” Zhao.
As he teaches Chilaili how to use the chopsticks

The Arrow and Masteruim call Conner and Monte about mysterious murders. Two slashes to the throat and one to the chest. The most resent death was a mage, female. Not to powerful mage, second degree disciple of the thrysus path with a main focus of in spirit. A time mage saw an obscure image that was fuzzy. Finally Conner and Monte start to realize the MO matches Jack the Ripper. After some patterning to gain mana the party goes to the murder scene of the thrysus. Conner views into the past to see the action. He sees a man in a shitting brown jacket and cap. Catching and remembering the face is too hard so Conner decides to remember his movements/ body language. He also tries to get any other information he can from the guys clothing, selection of organs taken, weapons used. Monte goes in twilight to summon ghost to tell him about the surroundings. An older man talks to him about the murder and ask him to find any information about the murder. As a return he will try to help him move on or move his anchor. Using high speech, Jack tries to reach out to call a level three spirit to him

High speech in a southern dialect

Jack was able to talk to the spirit of the street who tells him about the location the man comes the way he goes. That the man always comes every two days. A mud on the shoe is commonly found in a specific area. Zhao investigates the women’s apartment in the sanctum using an x-ray vision of space magic. Zhao finds a diary that talk about he sleeper boyfriend, Josef SanMarie. Zhao finds a name of a bar name they met at and a café they use to hang out. We went to check out the café first. Monte slips a 50 Euro note to the guy closing up and told him we are investigating a murder and if anyone spots the suspect to give Monte a call and more money will come. Next we head to the bar

“You know what that means Monte? You get to ride bitch. Hahahahahaha” Zhao

Bartender helps out in the same matter at the café guy, but this time we get a firm address of the boyfriend. Lastly we head to the area that the suspect’s dirty shoes bring us. Around the area we find out our suspect shops every three days and were last in the area two days ago. Conner sees into the past and finds an apartment building. Nice to know that he shops during the day, so he is not a vampire. Jack, Conner, and Zhao set up a stack out to wait for our suspect to leave the apartment while Monte and Chilaili go to talk to the boyfriend. The boyfriend is shaken when we told him the description of the man. The boyfriend was able to describe the face specifically the Roman nose. Boyfriend mentions an argument about the mistrust of one of her roommates, the obermost. Two photos of the couple lay in the apartment with the cabal mate, the obermost, in the background. The rest of the guys see the suspect go in the apartment and leave almost five minutes later with a large satchel bag. Zhao hard cores it up to a neighboring roof and portal over to the apartment roof. Peaks into the apartment to see nothing. Almost like the guy doesn’t even live there. Monte and Zhao talk the land lord’s kids about the smelly man. Turns out he moved out not to long ago. Monte and Zhao brake into the apartment and find a vine in the closest.

“Les Gas Company” Jack

“Let’s not hit the street. That’s my friend down there” Jack



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