Five Awakenings


While driving through the country side we here on the radio on something about human traffickers being taken down in the Minneapolis area. Conner studies Occultation with Whiskey Jake and loses at solitaire. I little commentary happened between Conner and Chilaili about how to play Solitaire when the tire pops. Oh and there is smoke coming out of the hood.
“whopper jon” is broken.
Now broken down in Louisiana we come across a wounded Native American man with some broken bones a burned leg.

“I hear you are having car troubles?”
“Oh yea it is on fire”
“So why don’t ya get one of those fire extenders. Don’t you foke always have those”

“well I can fix up you car to get yea to the town up the road..”
“Wait, we where on a road?” Conner
“I mean I will fix your car, but I be needin’ a favor from ya”
“Well like I said earlier to you we can fix you up”
“I was looking for some different kind of help. With a neighbor. Just a small one problem”
“What kind of problem?”
“Just a small problem with my neighbor that killed all my friends”
“Oh so a white picket fence problem”

“Look we don’t get much of you magical people here”
Chilaili puts up a spirit sight to see our friend is half spirit. Under discussion between Conner and Chilaili we deduce he is a shape shifter.

Oh he’s half way there
Take my life he is living on a prayer
Oh he turns into a bear.

“You might want to get some water proof shoes” Joseph
“There are probably leaches in that water” chilaili
“Oh no, all the leeches are up north in the city province” conner

“Look it is only far to know what we are getting ourselves into seeing as you already know how to fix our car.” Chilaili

Walking into the camp site that Joseph said this spiritual neighbor attacked his friends last night. Everyone was uneasy with a heavy presence. Chilaili tries to talk to it in spirit tough to hear what it is doing. “Hello…I feel you here. Show your self” Conner uses some fate magic that allows him to see exactly what happened in this location the night before. A figure on the edge of the clearing steps near the edge wearing a hat and long coat with some kind of heavy fire arm in his hand.

“What are you doin’ heare”
“We are torrist looking with…”
“Get out! This is private porterty”
“Ant no one own a swamp”

20 Spirit
12 Pravda
10 Jack
9 Chilaili
8 Joesph

The gangster spirit shoots towards Jack as Chilaili and Conner hide behind him. Pravda sits out of the way abserving. Jack comes swing at the spirit which falls and disappears. Just then a large fire hits Jack.

“Hey Doom and Groom quite dragging your feet” Joseph towards Pravda

Jack tells the spirit to appear in front of Jack. “What do you want?” (Spirit) Just then Jack uses the tickler in the spirits body then he disappears. Conner throws Monte’s shoot gun to Chilaili she coaxes the spirit in the gun to help her destroy this spiritual foe. Another round of damage to all of us. “Back up!” Conner and we retreat to a safe distance.

“I don’t get it. Why was he a gangster?”
“I reckon he was fitted with some concert shoes”
“But the water is not that deep”
“They might have smeared some stink bate on him to attract the gaiters”
“Stank bate?”

Jack, Chilaili, and Joseph look for the source to the anchor. They come back with a rough anchor while Conner gathers anything burns from the RV.

“You know you sink miles away”
“What do you mean?”
“A stench of bourbon”
“There be no other sink”
“Fine liqueur like that should be shared”
“You can have it as long as ya never call it a liqueur again”

Joseph comes back and tells us about some shack that might be the center around the spiritual pull in this area. Chilaili and Joseph make their way over with a make shift bomb made by Conner with the help of Doc’s grenades. Jack distracts the spirit with some banjo playing just then he is attacked by a group of zombies. Conner and Pravda try to help Jack the best way they can. Joseph and Chilaili burn the shake down with a make shift bomb, but once the smoke clears one man runs out of the shake. Chilaili hesitates to shoot him because she feels he was not involved in the spiritual activity in the area. Joseph on the other hand did not feel the same and transferred into a werewolf in front of Chilaili and runs after the man. Chilaili keeps up as much as she can until she notices the shack and the fact that it is still standing. After all the excitement Chilaili walked into the shack. With some effort she notices some copper pieces imbedded into the walls. These pieces seem very familiar. Running out of the Shack the Joseph now walks into she heads to the rest of the party to bring tell then show them what she has discovered ( a exploded brewery). Joesph discovers the copper pieces and starts to gather them when he noticed a deviation in the floor. Upon reentering the perimeter Chilaili and the rest of the party got shot. Chilaili thinks that a Zhao method might help with a little shrine of Bourbon. Instead Conner, Jack, and Chilaili make a mad run to the shack. Only Chilaili ran threw the gun fire. Some meta gaming later Max gave us some must needed answers. The shack was used to gather food, humans, to feed the spiritual energy. Once someone was in the shack no one was allowed to enter, but when someone was not in the shack then the spirit was at rest.

“You will not like me when I’m angry”
“I don’t like you when you are happy”



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