Five Awakenings


Session 2/1/11

Waiting for 2 hours we are waiting buy international tickets and to meet up with Jacque’s friend the alchemist. We head over and Conner notices that he might be a sleep walker. After Monte introduces us as friends of Jacque. He shuts the door cleans up and then lets us enter.

“OOO this is a fancy Moonshine option yer got here”
Zhao walks behind the viles that distorts his face in a mater like a funhouse. Chilaili laughs and Conner says hello to another man sitting in the corner. Monte checks out his age and notices he looks 45 but his mind is older. Bluntly coming out Monte ask in France how he was able to distort his age.
“it was a knowledge introduced to me from a friend of a friend”
The device that was used was not anything recognized in anyway. Conner checks out the books. And Zhao ask about the Gray wolf. *Potion of Longenaitivy * “I believe Jacque ask you to come by because of a medallion my grandson Terry has found” He shows us a medallion that seems like function as a key. He talks to Chilaili and Conner about Zoology of the mythacail creatures. He tells us about a creature that is eating sheep that is bird like. He describes it as a small Roc.

A train ride/ patrolling/ bike ride to the location. After Scaring the locals we meet up. We start moving to the location and notice a large bat wing lizard looking creature filling above us. Terry is fansonated with the creature and pulls out a camera to try to get a clear focus. Just then Conner puts him out of time.

Whisky Jack

Conner uses crono curse to slow the beast down. Zhao yells at the beast while turning the bike around to head near it. Monte uses Shadow net to pull the beast down and wraps inside the net.

“Looks like we got some dragon Ringling”

Chilaili tries to claim the beast to think that the nets are comforting. Looks like it works with four successes but it is unknown. Whiskey Jack speeds up to get closer to the best.

“Have ya guys seen a hog tie compettion?”

Conner’s spell wears off. Zhao drives dramatically and comes to a stops with his stopping foot right at his nose. Conner’s Crono curse wears off and the dragon plumits. He also tries to cut off the air supply to force the creature to passout. Monte opens a twilight portal under the beast were the manetom pulls the beast into twilight. Chilaili and Zhao falls in with it. Jack opens his own portal and meets us in there. Conner readys for the reappearance of Terry.

“What do you think it is Chilaili?”
“Dragon’s don’t have wings”

“I’m going to hold onto this like a tornado holds on to a trailer”

Terry reappears:
Well hi there. Are you ok now? Whiskey jack just ran back to get some water. We were worried about you”
“You just got spacey after seeing a real low crop duster. I mean weird color for a crop duster”

Jack and Chilaili work together for the frist time to put the beast(wyvern) into a controlled comma. Chilaili takes a sample of the venom from the tail in hopes to develop an antivenin later. We find the cavern door and are able to unlock it with the not so obvious key hole. A stair case leads down and the flash lights go out. We manage to deal with Terry by slipping him out of time again. Just in the knick of time we are able to deal with some spiritual lights. They hit Jack with 7 lethal damage after he dissipates one. Johnny the Boar comes flying in to join the fight.

bad guys

The spirits take turns causing damage to Conner, Jack, and Zhao. Zhao pulls out a gun and Zippo to attract it and then shoot it. Conner thinks about ways to reenter the cavern without awakening the spirits. Chilaili manages to make one flee with control spirit. Just then Zhao was able to shoot one that came close to him. Monte tries to suck two into a jar. The one that Zhao shot at burns Monte with the flame stolen from Zhao. Zhao sees this spirit and drops the Zippo to replace it with a second gun shooting the spirit to a dissipated state.

We now notice we are in a library location with a spiral stair case in the corner. In a marble room there was a Basilsk in cage trapped in trapped in a time loop in the corner. A crystal skull that Monte quickly takes and a few potion looking items. One four gallon bottle that Conner says not to drink. And a pentacle inlayed on the floor with sliver. Two knives with a ebony and ivory handle lay on the table. Zhao, Conner, and Jack all look at the knives.

The wyvern is in the sanctum, the four gallon jug, some books, and we manage to harvest some task from the garden. We noticed someone was there, in the safe, library, and garden.



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