Five Awakenings

session 1/25/2011

Still on a hot pursuit of our serial killer we continue our search to find the man with a hard to remember face with a brown jacket and worn down shoes. We continue to look to see where the man might have moved to by talking to his old neighbors. Starting with the cat lady next door. Over all no new information was found.

After a short talk with Chilaili, Conner reentered the room to see into the past to try to get some more clues. Surprising he was not covered in to blood and that he is carrying a small lunch cooler with him. Zhao called Ryan, an old friend back in the days and told him that they exhausted their resources. With no help. The landlord called us and told us a PO Box address that the guy used as a forwarding address. The name given was Sebastian LaClair for the apartment. With the help of Conner we did get a clear answer that Sedation is a Changeling. Raiding his PO Box we found a post card from Sophie to Domineer about her journey to Tibet. Conner knows the intended person would have now picked up the postcard if it was left in the box. Monte calls the landlord looking for a lease with a signature. Zhao and Chilaili go back to the apartment to let Chilaili to get a life resistance of the killer. 4 hours later Chilaili gets a complete idea of the killer’s resistance and is able to know if the guy walks within a distance of her. She turns and sees Zhao sleeping. Zhao finds himself in a dreaming state talking to his changeling friend.

Monte talks to his ghost to see if the male ghost contacted her yet. With little information he heads back home to regroup then heads to the gentleman’s club. He notices a massager that hands something to an older man. As Chilaili and Zhao walks up to the hotel we ran into Wolf. Wolf and Sheep are the two guys that shot at Leah and Wheels hurting wheels to near death. Jacques hired them and Monte took the initiative to call him and set up a meeting.

At the meeting, The whole party comes just to keep an eye on Monte’s safety. Lucian meets Monty by quickly and quietly sits in front of Monte. Turns out they are going to give us the killer at 1000 Euros. Money we get because Monte matter changed some bricks into gold and sales them at a “We buy gold” Place. He now has resources 5 which he invests into a wine bank in Paris.

After a shopping spree, thanks to Monte’s new wealth, we met Lucian. Monte manages to come to a final agreement to catch the changeling killer and receive information on Mr. Christopher/ Joshua Arbul/ David. The Minneapolis vampire prince is Arbiter. This information of course came at the cost of a favor from Lucian.



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