Five Awakenings

session 2/08/2011

“are you here for business or pleasure?”
“Business is pleasure.” Monte

“Are you five loud Americans?”
“I’m Chinese” Zhao
“Well, I may count as two but that still adds up to four” Jack
“Hi, my name is Pravda”
“Yea, we know. We met before”
“No I think you are mistaken”

Zhao treats us all to the local food. Pravda is in contact with the local consilum. After heading to a hotel that Pravda’s connections gave us, Zhao went back to his old ‘office’ to get reunited. After some small talk Zhao got some information about Tsunlow, a rival under boss son. Pravda mentions to the group that there is some recon that is needed on the some Seers in Hong Kong.

“Sir, you have my complete and undivided attention.” Jack
“That is good I think” Pravda
“We are going to have to watch them in a tree with a Burmese pit trap…”Jack
“We are not going to be digging any traps for people…” Conner
“I don’t know what is worse, pit trap or the tree we are watching them in” Pravda
“Tree high rise doesn’t mater…” Jack
“Well as long as we are not sending gaiters on them” Conner

“So I was thinking that we let Zhao and Monte to do there underground handlings ” Conner
“Sightseeing” Zhao
“I need to buy a watch” Monte

Monte and Zhao head to Sunlow’s location
“Should I be bringing a something more then a shotgun in twilight?”
“Usually it is nice to bring a gift”

Zhao walks into a tearoom and everyone looks at him. He walks to a low ranking guy drinking a cheap knock off of Jack Daniels by himself. Zhao tells him he is looking to do business with the boss. Zhao shows the guy his tattoo. “Fair enough.” They head out of the bar. And they are lead to a third floor bedroom apartment 3 blocks away. Quinyeow

Looking for Brandon Pole: Chilaili, Pravda, Jack, and Conner split up to cover more ground. Chilaili catches a glimpses of light and walks to it, and then vanishes from the telepathic link they had up. A stork like creature was there and asked for help. Conner creates a time loop to tell when and where chilaili is. Chiliaili heads down tunnel. The other three meet up with her and the stork leads us to what needs to be removed. Magic does not work here.

“Who needs magic if you have Betsy and your little pig sticker there”

“Now I am just waiting for a little vile that says drink me and a mushroom that says eat me” Pravda

We come to a river and the stork runs away after telling us the item that needs to be removed in across the river. Jack pays boat man with copper buffalo magical item, Conner gives him his deck of cards, Chilaili gives willpower.

“You know, I say I will wait for conditions to improve” Pravda
Pravda stays behind

Zhao and Monte: Tsunlow is hunted by Zhao dressed as a Chinese mythology god, ‘Iron Conch Lee’ and Monte armed with shadows. After knowing our Tsunlow’s guards and pined Tsunlow to the wall with shadow, Zhao approaches him and he believes that Zhao is Iron Conch Lee.

“How do you want to get him to the closes temple?”
“How about your train?”
“Train… Do you mean Twilight?”
“How did you get train out of that?”
“Well, it is your form of Transportation”

The other four party members come across a large frog on the other side of the river.

“Wooo. That be the biggest swap chicken I have seen!”

Frog stops in front of a jaded flag that Shades can not pick up. After picking it up, the frog opens another opening and we head in. Coming to another river the frog drops a tablet. All ghost/ spirits leave the frog alone. We get in the boat again form a different direction but we where still able to Pravda out of there. We then some how get out of there where we see the Stork again. “Go Go Go now” Then the Stork dances and a man hole appears above us. Chilaili gets the hell out.



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