Five Awakenings

session 2/22/2011

“Hello Monte, I climbed out of man hole looking for you.”
“I am next to tree”
“I don’t know this area. Use a mind link with Zhao and he will help you. I don’t know Hong-Kong” click
“Hello Zhao. I’m by man hole next to tree. Presumably in Hong-Kong”
“Oh ok, I’ll find you”
30 minutes later.
“I have change of mind. I will find you.”
“No I got it don’t worry” click
Conner randomly points a map and there is a good chance that Pravda is there.
“Hey Zhao why don’t we check here”
“Shh. I’m working here”
“Ok Pravda goes forward”
In front there was a wall
“North” Zhao
“Hey Pravda do you want me to call you a cab” Conner
“Tell him to turn left”
“Tell him to turn left”

Monte creates a shadow box to keep the seers contained
Enter Pravda
“You know if you put a smiley face on that then it would remind me of a box in old country called ‘Днем окно времени’. This translates to… umm… happy fun time box”

“Hey Chilaili, I have to go on a stack out. It is next to a bar I here is good. You want to come…”
Chilaili is already on Zhao bike
“Well, come on we are wasting time. It is only 6 hours till closing time!”

In the mean time Pravda, Conner, Jack, and Monte ‘question’ the serving Seers in the happy fun time box, which is now decorated with a smiley face on the door. The woman wake up and is greeted to an angry bunch. After some mind fucking Pravda realized they are banishers
Universal speech:
“Now if you will be talking to my friend here and if you do anything I will know and then there will be a knife in your shoulder.” Conner
“Hello. How are you today? Has your day been eventful?” Pravda
“Demons” girl (Boe)
“You use this word a lot. Can you define what a demon is?” Pravda
“You have a great power you shouldn’t be using” Boe
Just then a knife landed in her shoulder.
“Now what did you do” Pravda
“I told you that I would put a knife in a shoulder if you did something” Conner
“What did she do” Pravda
“Used magic to change her strength and break the zip cords” Conner
After some ingressive negations Jack was able to get the name Lucian from the other Banisher. Pravda taking the more peaceful route sent the urging to Boe to go to India to rethink her life. Then Monte and Pravda head to the sanctum back in Minneapolis to gather Task and more importantly bring the Talisman of Time/ Fire to the safety local mysteritum.

In the mean time, Zhao treats Chilaili to a drink or two or three or four while they stack out a man that maybe impersonating the Triad boss. Zhao convinces Chilaili to pull a trick like Jack and changes herself into a china woman to blend into the surroundings better.
“You look better then Jack did”
“Will I’m not a giant”
Zhao recognizes a trouble maker and the man he is talking to. The man looks strongly like the man he uses to work with. That is if he didn’t age, but the family name suggests that he might be related. After bribing/ paying the troublemaker to seek out information, Zhao tapped him on a shoulder and which was a quite way to place a bug on him

Jack wants to chance to find Lucian and the missing jade item. We follow the death resistance of the fan threw the spirit realm. We come up empty handed after being attacked by the spirit of poverty and garbage and a mystery man with time magic and a knife. With the trail cold we head back to possibly review our option of Plan B.



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