Five Awakenings

session 3/01/2011

Conner wakes up the following day and is greeted by Lucian. Conner offers some information about the gourd and tablet, but Lucian offers a different task. One that involves stealing a sword from Lucian’s rival from the Seers of the thrown. Conner pries for information about the fan, but Lucian passes it of as an object no relevance. Conner pulls Jack to the side:

“So you know that Lucian guy?”
“Well, he just walked through our door”
“Why didn’t you tell me so I can take his crap?”
“I didn’t think that was a good idea, seeing as he just got us a location of the final magical item, which is in the procession of a seer called Kong”
“How do know this ant a trap”
“Well, if he can walk right through our door I suppose he could just kill us then and now”

With six hours to prepare we knew the hotel room. Pravda and Chilaili wait in the lobby, and Monte, Jack, and Conner in Twilight on the floor of the bad guy. Jack sees a man in Twilight and is unable to resistance the urge to kill a seer and steps out of Twilight to kill him only to face four aggravated damage.

15 (11) Conner
15 Monte
14 Zaho
14 Chilaili
10 Jack
8 Pravda

Conner “quickly” steps out of twilight towards stabbing the bad guy. The bad guy manages to deflect only to have the end up with Conner’s knife stuck inside him. The bad guy manages slip away and hell himself. Zhao see a little bit of Jack bleeding in his blind spot. Zhao takes a shot only to have it stopped by the window. Seems like the window is a lot stronger then it should be. “Damn Matter mages” Jack manages to slice him again with Betsy. The bad guy says to Jack “You are in the way” slicing him up and making a b-lines to the exit. Monte sees him vanishing into the conference room so he shoots him for 7 lethal damage with his shot gun. The bad guy had a second spell that went off, but he is still up. Zhao makes a hard core move to jump to the hotel building leaving his gun behind. Zhao then sees the man and focuses his effort to the weakest part of the glass. Chilaili increase defense with organic resistance, and increases her strength by 2 all in the blind spot of the camera. Conner hurts him again with his knife one more time. Jack, not acting on his better judgment, throws Betsy at the bad guy only to pass out to his wounds. Pravda scries to adjust his sights since he moved. Conner goes towards mess up his pattern only to be absorbed by a counter spell. Then the bad guy jumps out the window Zhao just shot through. Monte follows and shoots him again with his shot gun. Zhao jumped after monte “Monte!”
“I’LL Be fine!”
Just then the elevator doors open. Chilaili just has a look of shock on her face as she notices Jack on the ground. Pravda casually walks out of the lobby to the last estimated location of the bad guy. Monte falls onto an awning that he made structurally more sound and elasticity. Zhao follows. Everyone passes it off as if this was a movie stunt. They continue to head towards the body. The body is carted away by guardian of the thrown. Conner hears Monte say his mage name and ask them if they can send a movie crew to keep up the charade that people jumping out of windows was a movie stunt. Chilaili continues to heal Jack and fills him in. WE now have the sword.



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