Five Awakenings

session 3/22/2011

“What flavor latte do you want?”
“Latte flavor”

Conner just finished up talking to the local consilium and was able to gain some more experience in mind magic. Now he is able to understand the local language. Monte sits back at the hotel with his feet up on what looks like a statue dog. Jack is still missing, and the last word of Pravda was to Conner about Jack’s stupidity. Conner comes in to the hotel to tell us about Jack which is news to all of us.

“Wait he has my sword!?”
“Who says it is yours?”
“Me and drinky smoke”

Just then Jack comes in bloody and with tethered clothes screaming about a dojo he was just at that was under attack. He escaped through the ciaos. Unaware to us Jack was already a revenant by a seers’ death mage. We walked into a trap that nearly killed chilaili who was only saved by Zhao’s drinky smoke. She tried healing herself but set off 2 paradoxes. Monte’s dog was melted away by taking most of the damage. Conner walks away with burn damage from a sweet magical pistol. Right at the end of the battle Bill from Minneapolis comes to take us home. He also mentions that he has a way to surprise attack Aster. We make our way home to sweet home Minneapolis and rest shortly before headed out towards Aster.



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