Five Awakenings

session 3/8/2011

The sword resonance a metal element (five Chinese elements). While in Zhao’s position the smoky drink in the gourd seems to be getting stronger. As Zhao practices against some bamboo mats it is discovered the sword has a damage rating of 4. Jack found a once magical arrow head and Monte is given the name of a seer, Arjuna. If we look into him quietly the guardians will give us the sheath of the sword.

Zhao makes his way back to the bar to meet his contact. His contact passes Zhao a note. Turns out that the person that hired Zhao is sending a note to meet him in a bar and order a drink. After calling his employer it if obviously that is it was not him that sent the note. Zhao meets the man and he is familiar, like a younger version of Lee. Some Mata gaming later it is discovered that this man is the real Lee after escaping the hedge, and he wants to regain his old life from the fetch that has taken his place.
“A friend of mine. You mind if she joins us?” Zhao waves Chilaili to meet them
“She doesn’t speck chienese.”
“ni how” chilaili
“Harro” Lee
Zhao then opens a portal to the old Lee’s location to clear things up. Chiliaili under the request of Zhao scans. Zhao opens a portal and sends the young Lee and Chilaili to see the old Lee. After some talk with the old Lee it was discovered that they will not live peacefully. Chiliaili says that we should send the old Lee back were he came from. We traveled to the hedge and after a little fight we sent the old Lee into the sun set with a gunshot wound.

“I think we wait for the one that matches the arrow and we follow \him then you ‘talk’ to him if you know what I mean. And if that doesn’t work then I tickle him” Then the man they where going to follow heads into a grocery store.
“I have the sudden need to go shopping”
“I too, I could use some more squiggly line cheesy poof things”
“I too can indulge in the poofy cheese.”
Then the man heads out the back and to a stair case to a apartment above the store.
“lives with a dog. I can easily subdue the dog peacefully with my magic. And I sure you can ehhhh his mind to talk to him.”
Pravda uses magic to be able to speck Chinese and then knocks on the door
“Who is it”
“We would like to ask you questions to a survey”
“…okay come in”
Pravda opens the door to be hit by a lighting bolt. He falls over near death
“Why did ya do that for. I found your item here, and we only wanted to talk to ya”
“very well”
“Well, can I heal my friend first?”
“Very well”
Pravda is heal and then proceeds to walk out of there only to be stopped by a death mage and the shadow. After some time the seer convinces Jack to walk in an ‘talk’ but Jack is not a good liar and has jailed in a shadow cage. More lies caused Jack to be squeezed to unconscious by the shadow. Pravda simply said he wanted to leave and they seers let him go.



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