A beautiful woman, first found trapped in a small cabin. Very knowledgable about the dreamscape.


Arachne was a character that the party had pursued for some time before they finally found her. She was being held captive in a small area, roughly 10 yards square, which she couldn’t leave. This area consisted primarily of a cabin and a garden. Zhao, Xavier, and Leah found their way to the cabin where Arachne explained the nature of the astral realms and the basic functioning of the dreamscape they were trapped in, detailing the difference between the Oneiros and the Temenos. She also confirmed that the party would have to acquire the rest of the black stones that they’d been noticing.

It has since become clear that she is one of the foremost leaders of the imprisoned mages cabal now that they’ve been released back into the world, this warlock focuses predictably on Mind magics, followed by Space. She has also displayed a talent for Prime.


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