Hierarch of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Leader of the Silver Ladder, and representative of the Watchtower of the Golden Key.


Having ruled the Consilium for 19 years Daedalus is a powerful figure and a master of both of his ruling arcana. What is perhaps more intimidating is that he has revealed his proficiency in all 10 arcana, though his level of mastery of many is questioned.

According to public record, his rise to power began shortly after his awakening at the age of 17, when he was involved in the Vampiric war that struck the cities at that time. His exact age is unknown, but it is guessed that he is at least in his sixties, although life magics may be altering that. His hatred for Vampires continues to rule Consilium policy and he continues to rule the Silver Ladder vigorously despite his age.

Recently however his attention to the politics of the Consilium seems to be flagging, a situation without precedent. It might just be a ruse to pull disloyal members out of the woodwork, but still…

His two Provosts cover most of his political needs outside of the Lex Magica. They are Seawell, a factotum of the Mysterium apparently in her thirties, and Acromantula a man in his early thirties.


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