Five Awakenings

The Story So Far
Ready. Fire. Aim.

Our story begins with five disparate characters located all over the U.S. of A. All had a mysterious run in with a strange old man who banished them to a different realm. Monty and Quentin were discussing the prospects of fencing a car, after leaving they found themselves followed and banished by that figure. Zhao was assaulted (salted?) in a a bar. Leah was just trying to help, and found herself banished by the very patient who’s life she tried to save. Professor Xavier Benedict was met in his dingy office by the same man, and digging a sketch out of his trash the mysterious old man sent him on his way.

The characters awoke in a maze. Fifteen feet high walls and corridors just narrow enough to drive a car down (if you didn’t mind losing the rear view mirrors). Eventually they each found their respective ways towards the center of the labyrinth where there was a small patch of grass, a tree, and a man in Italian Renaissance garb, drinking from an endless cask of ale. This strange figure named himself as Vasilii. The tree gave fruit of many kinds: pears, apples, peaches, nectarines, oranges, lemons and limes, and many others besides.

From there the group made a trek North through the maze and emerged in a medieval town, ruled over by the idiot duke Gottfried, who’s adviser Glen Imayle was the power behind the throne. After they spent the night in an inn and found that it had changed its location, and numerous other details (Monty woke up with a window where there was none where he went to sleep) they moved to meet the duke Gottfried, and through him met Glen Imayle who revealed to them that they were certainly no longer on earth and that he himself hadn’t been there for two years by the time frame in this world, whatever it was. He also told them that others were trapped in this world, figures by the names of: Megalesius, Arachne, Tammuz, and Bunyip. According to Glen the man who’d sent them to this place went by the name of Tartarus, and this prison was named after him. While in Town they met the corpulent Brothel-master Godrick, who had a mysterious ring on his left ring finger, a black onyx cabochon who’s movement didn’t match the movement of the finger it was worn on. From there they continued on their way north, shifting now from traveling east to a slightly more north westerly direction with a trade caravan traveling to the desert.

After reaching the desert they crossed the first truly obvious “zone line” as Quentin quickly named them. They felt a sickness to their stomachs and noticed an immediate change in their environment, from grassy green hills to arid, sandy dunes and cracked earth surrounding them. They found themselves in a region where everyone spoke in an Australian accent and the world may have dropped right out of Mad Max. Likewise the equipment they’d found in the medieval area changed to a more suitable form here (e.g. the wagon became a pickup, the clothes they’d acquired changed to more suitable garments, etc). They traveled almost due west now, coming into contact with a violent group of natives in a pickup of their own. After being rejoined by the momentarily vanished Zhao they continued west. After finding themselves in “Bartertown” where the party of five purchased a van (one that Zhao had worked in some fifteen years ago) they continued on their way out of the cutthroat territory. As they were leaving they were attacked by a large number of men from the town, who’d seen the resources they’d carried through the town. As it was the battle was bloody, but none of the five died, due to the timely intervention of Bunyip, a fragile looking old man who slipped up behind their assailants and killed many of them.

Bunyip revealed to them that he and the rest of his group were “wizards” and provided proof by transforming into a polar bear. He suggested that Arachne’s methods of magic would be better suited to determining the nature of the world they were currently in, and accepted the party’s invitation to travel with them. Apparently their captor had created Tartarus specifically to imprison the five that Glen had told the party about though, and as a result, even though the rest of the party could pass easily through the barrier of the zone line it was physically impossible for Bunyip himself, and he had to be left behind. As they left Bunyip behind they saw pyramids in the distance.

The Story So Far II
Still Aiming

After they crossed the next of these lines and approached the pyramids in the distance these new acquaintances cautiously approached the camp of a group of Archaeologists, outfitted in an old British style, accented by steampunk like accessories. And steampunk weaponry. After observing a caged Criosphinx, which almost mauled Leah, a run in with a somehow still working Tesla coil (which had been unearthed by the excavation team and that Doctor Benedict used to show off); a brief encounter with the head of the team and ruler of the nearby city of Athex the Lady Dalyth ended with some of the crew heading back into the nearest pyramid to unearth whatever secrets they could find. After working their way through a number of sinister traps, including a smashing ceiling, swinging bladed pendulums, jets of steam and a field of red ochre they found themselves at the end of the pyramid, and with the sarcophagus. They left a team of Archaeologists to recover the actual loot, and celebrated for the evening. Over the course of the evening Benedict found his way to retire with the Lady Dalyth, ensuring with a drop of sedative in her drink that when she fell asleep she would remain so. With that he dug through her clothes and found a pocket watch, whose stone matched the one her alleged brother Godrick had on a ring. Bunyip had voiced a suspicion that the stone was important and so they took the stone and fled the area, returning to “bartertown” from where they’d come, rather than continuing to the city, Athex, that the Lady Dalyth ruled.

During this time Benedict, (a.k.a. the doc) had determined that they were possibly in some form of pocket realm, or alternate dimension in which the rules of reality might not apply as we know them and that these “wizards” as Bunyip had called himself were just people who could manipulate reality through the force of their will. Using this theory, having run all the numbers the doc attempted to fix a bullet ridden kevlar vest that the group had brought with them from “Bartertown”. After the technique worked he revealed it to the rest of the group. In little time Zhao was bending bullets and Monty stepped through the shadows back to “Bartertown”. He made it there and spent some time making friends while the others traveled back.

After a brief encounter with a couple of jeeps and a bombing ornithopter the group made its way into “Bartertown” where they quickly raised a volunteer militia to fight off the incoming Athexian forces. After fighting off an armored column and a squadron of ornithopters making continuous bombing runs over the shantytown. The ‘thopter that doc had managed to put together so the party could fly out of there was destroyed by a stray artillery shell. After Zhao’s one man assault on the column and after the party’s destruction of several ornithopters the group decided to leave town, assuming the attacks would continue. They traveled south to the ocean, using Bunyip’s instruction to dodge the sandworms native to the deep sands in that part of the desert.

From the ocean they were picked up by a pirate crew, which transpired to have a battle with a group of Muppets on the high seas, and then to be kidnapped by the very crew transporting them. After killing Captain Basil, taking his stone, and using a jury rigged remote detonator including a phone and an rpg to destroy the boat and making their escape they continued in a rowboat to Tortuga.

In Tortuga they found themselves a pilot who ran the Athexian blockade on a town bordering the City of the Dragon. Leaving that town they examined the palatial estate of Gautier, another man with one of these Onyx gems. He gave his freely, asking only that the party don’t interfere with him and allow him to leave the realm with no difficulty.

Then they moved to a nearby cottage where they met Arachne, another trapped mage, who told them about their situation. She told them that they were trapped within an artificial Oneiros, or personal dreamspace, maintained by a portal to the Temenos, and accessible to the physical realm. Likewise the stones that the characters had been collecting in hopes of their proving relevant to the search were in fact displayed to be another element of the world’s continued existence, including the ability they bestowed upon their guardians to apparently “respawn”.

From there a pellmell dash covered the rest of the stones. Quentin fought Aegisthusshooting him repeatedly until he was choked unconscious. During the fight the Doc managed to pry the stone loose from the throne in the City of the Dragon.

Continuing south and east, fleeing the city they found themselves returning to the Labyrinth where they started, and upon reaching the center were reminded that Vasilii was one of the stone’s guardians. They searched the area for the stone, with his permission to keep it if it could be found. Eventually Quentin bit into a peach from the tree, and where the pit should have been he found the stone.

From there the circle continued and completed in acquiring Godrick’s stone from the medieval town using Glen’s connections to imprison him. At that point with one stone left (as Arachne had told them) they began searching for that way. Eventually their search led them to Tortuga where they found a captain by the name of Johnny. He sailed with them to the center of the area they’d been exploring and with Doc’s foresight and the assistance of all of the party the ship flew to a floating island with a huge tower of strange stone on it in the center of the area, where there was a waterfall dropping away endlessly around it in all directions. They entered the island keep and encountered Fosfur, whom they swiftly defeated. Then traveling into the tower and stepping down they found a pedestal with the design of a scourge inlaid on the top of it. They placed the stones at the points of the scourge, the one already present included and the stones appeared to take on a liquid form. They coalesced into the form of the scourge, molded by the shape, and a portal opened, allowing the party to return to the real world.

Once there they collected the physical counterpart to the scourge they’d seen, and returned to their lives. While they’d been gone a week, not a month had passed. Leah started working for Monty, her earlier job having placed her on probation for disappearing for a full week. Zhao moved to the Twin Cities from his gun range in San Francisco to keep an eye on things. Monty quickly rebuilt his criminal network, Quentin played some GTA. And Xavier Benedict awakened, while creating a new experimental form of renewable energy.

session 11/15/2010

Zhao got his spirit boar Johnny, but to do so Zhao had to beat Johnny into submission. Looking for bounties and got $5000 and gave it to Monte to build bullet proof green house.

Doc built his self contained wrist flam thrower and wants to hunt down Victoria, the vampire that snacked on him

Conner is looking for Denies and Victoria. More information came up on Victoria then Denies. He also is looking for information about a nickname that turns out to not be Aster. Aster is considered a threat to the vampire world.

Chilali helps Wheels get better, works at the clinic, trains physically, and talks to Conner about orders.

Ikkarium (Monte) introduces a late associate, Barren the ghost, to our group. He tells us about Mr. Cooper and his relation to the human trafficking. Mr. Cooper is not the big boss. Seers were brought up in this conversation. Mr. Cooper lives in a house with 10 or more rooms located on several acres in the North East of St. Paul. Big boss is coming to Minneapolis in about 10 days. Mr. Cooper wants to take us out in 3 days.

While scouting in Twilight Conner encountered a Death Mage which hit him with a spell that crippled his strength. While retreating back to the portal entrance Monte entered into twilight to assist Conner. Death Mage opens a portal to pull someone else in. Conner tries to speed up the amount of time frame the portal so that it closes faster, but was not able to do so before a mind mage came in. The mind mage did damage to Monte’s mind for 3 lethal. Monte recognized the residence of the Death mage from Minnehaha Park, from killing our prisoner Alexandra, and around the terracotta soldier. Monte took the defensive retreat to get out of twilight, but not before the Death mage hurt him for another 4 lethal. Conner pulled the Death Mage’s head out of time from this body. The Mind mage contoured with Physic Sword on Conner for 3 lethal. Monte on the other side of the portal shot his shot gun towards the death mage. The slog for the shot hit the death mage for significant damage. Just then another portal opens behind the death mage and the death mage steps threw the portal. The Mind mage begins to step towards the portal but not until causing three aggravated damage to Conner. The neighbors now are noticing the white van that is making gunshot noises. Conner noticed some shadowy figures on the front lawn around them. Conner not willing to let the Mind mage escape grabbed for a random bit of time to pull the mind mage back but was unable to affect him as much as it could. It looks like there is a third mage dispelling the spell. Now men on the lawn begin shooting at the van but Monte’s shadow shielded him from damage. Monte finish the death mage with 6 successes from his shotgun and then high tailed it the diver’s seat to head out of there. The Mind mage that was bleeding out at this time bleed out faster with the help of Conner’s time magic. Conner burned a mana to return to exit twilight before Monte drives away, but a lighting bolt catches Conner’s shoulder.

Monte returns with physical wounds that are easier healed by Chilali. Conner’s splitting headache on the other hand takes a little bit more time to heal. Doc calls Zhao with an incentive to attack Mr. Cooper that evening. We decide to head over an 8pm that day.

“How do we protect ourselves from magic that affects the mind?” Leah
“Well, we don’t have to worry about him anymore!” Monte
“Who is to say that is not another one?” Leah
“She is right about that.” Doc
“Oh, I figure we can just let Doc handle him” Conner
“Burn, Burn, Burn in the ring of fire…” Mark
Doc looks up sadistically.

“I’m pretty sure there will only be one mage” Conner
“Why?” Zhao
Conner taps his temple “Well I’m getting pretty good”
Zhao interrupts with a tap on his head at his temple “Sorry, Why?” with a confused face.

Doc cuts the main power. Conner and Monte goes through twilight to get to the back-up generator. They notice one bad guy making sure the back-up generator is functioning correctly. Conner quickly lights the gas line on fire and watches the explosion in the safety of twilight. Monte cases Child of Midnight. 3 people upstairs, 6 downstairs, and 3 on the outside grounds.

21 Bad Guys
19 Zhao
19 Conner
13 Monte
11 Leah

Bad guys luckily do not see Zhao and Leah as the teleport into the house on the 2nd floor. They conveniently hide behind a wall.

“OH hey there is a guy behind that wall! Bloom bloom bloom bloom bloom” Max

Zhao rounds the corner and hits the first guy he sees in the head and successfully kills him. Conner steps out of twilight and sets a fire while Monte projects his fire out of twilight. Gun fire fails to hit Conner thanks to Monte’s shadow. Leah heads towards a dazzle in distress and helps her out of the house. Protecting her while she goes. Zhao clears the room and heads out to meet Leah. Conner burns the gasoline towards the house with accelerate speed. Some sleepers disbelieve the fire not totally but enough to weaken Conner’s spell. Conner steps back into the shadow. Monte pulls back the shadow to twilight closes the portal and heads towards the garage. Leah was going to head down the stairs with the girl but Zhao tells me someone is coming up the stairs so she stays in the room for the time being. Just then Doc rams this Toyota in the front gate. He managed to take down the gate but the car comes to a stop. He now realizes he will have to run across the large lot. Just then Doc hears, “Who is that tripping on my bridge?” coming from a large hobo looking man holding a make shift club.

“I have to fight an ogre?!” Kyle

Just then Doc gets winged by multiple gun shots and then the hobo man swings this weapon which knocks him back further then normal. Upstairs the bad guy makes it up the stairs, just past Zhao where he double taps him in the head indirectly enough to kill the man. Zhao just killed the man that meets Mr. Copper’s description. Conner holds his action to keep up with Monte. They both step out of Twilight in the garage. “Hey Zhao, what is going on?” Monte “Um, I may have shot Cooper” Zhao. Leah peaks her head around the corner and continues towards the stairs. Zhao stops her “There are nine more guys downstairs” “how the hell do you know this?!” Leah keeps the girl in the room and prepares to clear a path. Doc uses his wrist band flame thrower he made earlier this week and targeted the large hobo with an intensified flame. Docs flame hits the hobo and two men behind him, but he also took two more gun shots for multiple locations on top of the hobo’s panicked hit. Zhao and Leah coordinate an attack on three guys downstairs. Zhao heads towards the guys in the back while Leah leaves the girl upstairs to take out a guy at the front door. Conner books it towards Doc through the house to help him out avoiding hustles. Monte makes his way inside the house. Quickly talks to Zhao to find Cooper’s body. Leah disarms the front door man with her krav maga skills but fails to take his gun. Instead the gun slides away across the floor away from both Leah and the bad guy. Conner makes it to Doc just in time to take the shot that was meant for Doc. Doc disappears. Zhao kills the man in his room and reaches out the window and shoots the second man at the back window. Conner attacks the one guy that was shooting Doc. That man leaves the scene. Monte cast hunting a spell and anchors Mr. Cooper to his watch. To the Barren “Make sure our new guest is comfortable” wick Leah is able to knock the man out conscious and runs back upstairs to get the girl just in time to see Monte doing something. Doc comes out of invisibility to burn the hobo again. Conner helps the fire burn faster. Zhao comes out “Jesus, you just can’t get through a day without burning 10 people”. Conner finds two nice guns and makes his way to the van spinning one in each hand, while Doc burns the house down.

Session 11/30/2010

The party makes their way to the 43rd floor of the IDS center where the trial for DOC is being held. There was a temporal space that was created for the occasion. Many have gathered for DOC’s trial. A man near the entrance is cloaked in black with one raven perched on his shoulder. With various mage sights Monte and Conner can tell there are many magical security guards including the man with the raven.

“Twos counts of using abyssal magic to an unmakeing event in a aggressive account towards sleepers. Although it was self defense…”

Lithe, a member of the garden of the vale is there to present the crimes. She is also a witness through scribing, premonition, or other magic methods. Also other immediate witnesses.

“Conner, this is the kinda thing that is bad to get up and go to the bathroom right?” Wheels
“Yea,” Conner
“Shit” Wheels

DOC waves his right to councilor and speaks on his own and firmly pleads non guilty. He then drops the Seers name and their connections to the death of a made in our sanctum. He then continues to mention how he learned the rote which had no warning labels. All paradox was taken in as injury to DOC’s body to prevent the Paradox. He then says he was angry that the trial was interrupting this work to get the human traffickers. DOC then stares down the council.


“Lets keep in mind that I was trapped in a mages mind and when I finally got out I was a mage. Maybe inside of passing judgment on me, perhaps you should reconsider your training methods,” DOC

Conner’s face tells everyone DOC is fucked. Zhao thinks DOC might have a chance.

To Monte “Sorry about this ahead of time” To the court “I would like to say something” Zhao
“No, Damn” Monte

“Doc like more then a few guys do has the ten to think with his wang before he acts. He just needs a little guidance. Thanks.” Zhao

Whispers “Cut off his connections to the supernal realm…. OR CUT OFF HIS WANG!…death, death, kill him…. Why isn’t the cabal saying anything?”

“DOC has cheated the game and now the users know. HE might just destroy the game with this cheat” Conner
“There is a cheat that does that” Wheels
“Shh…Don’t give him any ideas” Chilali

Orpheus cuts in with a telepathic voice with the thought of a 1983 trail of a man who was given embassy due to the lack of initiation.
Eyes dart toward Orpheus and/or Pilum think the telepathic link comes from them.

Monte: Comments towards his proof towards his ignorance. He is a scientist and a man of rational thought… (Monte you are good at lying)

“Now genially in situations like these. A mage finds it noticeable right away. I would like to hear from the accused it he noticed anything signification?” Ben Gram

“First I noticed the nine-millimeters wounds then a utopian feeling. Something like a drug users rush to getting a let. It felt right.” DOC


“Several hours later I felt sick and horrible,” Doc

Wheels raises his hand “why are we killing him? According to his crime or as an example to others?” cases a spell “Because it is important to know that he will do it again, wait”

If it really was important DOC wouldn’t be sitting there. He would be blowing something up. Wheels/ Mark

You, hipster mage, if they decide to not kill me, then I’m going to take you and bitch-slap you.
“Is that a challenge to determine you sentencing?”
“What, we will let the council decide” But it is a consideration DOC

Sentencing: for the following week. You will have a spell cast on you to prevent you from casting this magic. You will patrol officer to watch you, and you will report to someone to train you in abyssal magic.

“I will do this but it is not far to my cabal to do this. Can we back the sentencing back a week?”

“Yes, but only if agree to have a curse cast on you to prevent you form casting this type of magic or face death”

Chilali puts her hand on DOC shoulder when death was in the equation

“Agreed,” DOC says valiantly.

An introduction takes place between Pravda, Monte and Conner. Pravda was given the job of watching DOC as a patrol officer.

DOC picks a fight with the hipster. Why Leah has no idea. But the hipster mage concedes.

Following day after the trial:
Conner gives Pravda a 10 min. Tour that is shorten due to the Conner’s uncomfortable feeling around the human remained soaked wooden crates. Conner offers him coffee in the office to move off topic.

When Zhao comes in awkward acquaintances happen between him and Pravda.

“What is your name?”
“hmm maybe you should put on a sweater”

Zhao tries to change crappy tea to good tea with the help of Chilali. DOC gives Chilali mana water to make Chilali heal him again, but she decides to hold the water to experiment on the tea later. She uses a reserve mana to heal DOC.

Zhao, in a inquisitive matter, ask Pravda if he knew the Tirade tattoo on Zhao’s shoulder. “Do you know what this is?”
“Loyalty” Pravda

With the help of Pravda he uses a spell university language to help communicate with Zhao to clarify that he is not part of the Russian Mafia. They start to become better bonded. Zhao continues to the conversation by mentioning Orpheus .

Session 12/07/2010

Three days before the encounter with the head of the human trafficking, Michel. Conner is going to Scout ahead of time. Pravda follows and understands Doc a little more since the trial. Doc tries to limit himself to boring things to annoy Pravda.

“You can start with sweeping the floor” Chilali
“No, we have a woman to do that” Doc
“Yea, you” Chilali

Doc also tries to create a better armor so that he can avoid dieing since he is limited on his magic. Monte going through some processes to let him join the Mysteriem. Chilali works at the clinic and checks up on her nephew Embry at the rehab clinic. Conner checks the future to see if there will be any magical opposition with no clear answer. Zhao makes a few bucks hunting an alas name which happens to be Dick Chaney (this didn’t really happen). He really gets a sandwich and returns a cob salad they gave him by ascendant.

Conner and Monte are in Twilight and they are approached by ghost of a young woman who shortly leaves after seeing them.

“Do you think she will tell anyone?” Conner
“No, because there is a very good reason why” Monte COMMAND GHOST she does not listen to Monte.

Conner follows her and is successful in asking her 6 questions:

1.) Is she going to tell someone we where here? yes
2.) Is it going to be a mage? no
3.) Who is it going to be? other ghost who are protecting the area
4.) Are they aliened with the human traffickers? Yes
5.) If I kill her will the other ghost kill us? Yes
She talks to Monte a little before finally shuts down. Monte can tell she is bond to a ring and that she does not like it. He rips her away from the ring and bonds her to a article to his clothing. The other ghost are dividing into other directions. Monte shouts to all of them to converge to his location and to be silent. He then goes near the van out of the sight of other patrolling ghost and begins to shift all of their anchors to his person. He is able to get all of them except one. He knows he has 45mins which does not seem long enough so he decides to put that one in a soul jar. Monte and Conner steps out of twilight and heads home.

“Sorry to interject with some life…What are the chances that the changelings know about this powerful spirits?”
“Good question…” beep beep beep beep beep beep beep as Monte calls Reese from the Ren. Fair. “There is a strong spirit coming up to this location I have been trying to take down. Do you know anything about this?”
“You are a information gather, right? I will tell you what I know if you can tell me if encountered another changelings.” Monte tells him about a Ogre that almost killed Doc and the sharp shooter for the same location. While this happens Conner goes to Milwaukee Ave to see if he can get any information form the changeling we returned a box to. Monte steps into Twilight to torture, I mean talk to, Mr. Cooper. Conner just gets a door in his face since he does not know that one persons name.

As we set up mage armor and gear up Pravda physically links our minds to make a network of minds. Although it is limited to talking only Conner can use his mind magic to push images through. Under closer investigation the machine is protected by a retroactive spell that will not allow unauthorized vehicles to cross without blowing up, but Conner disarms the spell. Zhao pumps up Johnny to excite him to fight the big bad spirit. Wheels drives at 50mph towards the gate and Doc uses forces to bust the gate open before impact. Just then men come running out towards the van.

23 Monte
18 Conner
17 Zhao
13 Doc
14 Pravda (holds action till after Doc)
12 Wheels
12 Leah

Monte jumps out of the back of the van cloaked in shadow and ran to the door casting a spell to liquefy the door to create an entrance. Conner accelerates to the front door that is at a hard clay level right now. He makes into the Flore and runs straight to the armory. Zhao tries to get in through a window that was locked. Pravda waits to see what Doc does how is currently rolling one success before casting any spell to avoid dieing. Doc increases his own speed to 27 which is still 18 slower than Conner. Doc then follows Conner but goes to the closest hostile. Pravda weights his options: Weather to stay in van with Wheels or face the bullets outside the van. Pravda takes his chances outside the van, and heads in the door. Leah gets out of the car and follows Zhao on the second floor window using honing Form to boost Dexterity to 4. Monte sends Buren ahead to look for the head trafficker. Conner takes out two armory guys and locks himself in the armory. Zhao enters the second floor and notices and man coming into the room. He waves and kicks in the window. Doc hits a hostile with his piton causing 3 aggravated. Wheels takes the guys on a chase around the house. Leah meets Zhao at the second floor. Monte makes his way to the third floor at the fastest speed possible. Conner in the armory (10’ x 5’) grabs 6 grenades (2 concussion, 2 flash, 2 frag) throws one in the armory and one down the hall. Zhao finishes kicking in the window and shoots the guy in the head. Doc finishes killing the guy he was working on.

“I feel like Leah should be carrying coins with her to leave on the body of the guys the group kills” Amy

Pravda still sits behind the flower pot. Wheels peels out of the area. Leah makes her way to the third floor. Monte continues to the third floor by doing a spider man sling with his shadow passing Leah on the way up. The Buren makes his way back to the Monte now. Conner makes his way to the hostages. Zhao makes his way to the hostages telling Leah to be careful. Zhao shoots the target through the wall. Doc is now confronted with a large spirit in Twilight with the help of all of our mage sights he sees it. He cast Harm spirit. Wheels drives in a loop around the grounds and lets the guy let him chase him. Leah sets herself in the middle defending the third floor in a defensive position. Monte makes his way to the big bad guy based on what the Buren told him and shoots one round of his shot gun. Conner tosses a grenade into a room. Zhao successes at killing the man through the wall. Doc takes damage from a spiritual being.

“Will my fancy grenade kill this?” Doc
“By fancy magical grenade you mean your head explodes….ha ha ha ha ha ha…. Oh crap! He can hear this” Zhao

Just then two guys come into the door way tired from chasing Wheels. Pravda tells one guy to shoot his buddy. “Don’t shoot me, shoot them”

Wheels tries to shoot the guy from the rearview mirror. Misses.
“Oh man, now my chicken taste like gun.” Wheels

Monte makes his way into the room seeing a girl laying on the bed big bad guy with shirt unbuttoned and one guy with a gun in hand. Monte shoots the one guy with the gun. He falls to the ground. “Surrender or die” Buren manifest and slugs the big bad guy. Monte tells the girl to get dress and hide in bathroom. Conner throws a flash grandee and runs in spirit being with knife. The spirit finishes manifests as a pale leather cloaked figure with limited facial expressions and exposed teeth. The spirit shoots bones towards both Conner and Doc rapping their damage to full.

“I’m upstairs with a naked chick, what are you doing?” Monte

Zhao analyzes the floor and begins to shoot through the floor to get to the lower level faster. Johnny fights his way to the bone spirit with a grapple. Doc pulls the pins on both of his special grandees and telekinesis to push them under the spirits legs. Pravda tries to mess with the mind of the bone spirit for one lethal damage. Conner notices 2 new tagged mages. Wheels continues to drive around the grounds. Leah gets in sight of the spirit. Monte carries the big bad guy with shadow then the Buren kicks him in the jaw. Monte then opens Twilight in order to move three floors down to help his comrades by leaving the big bad guy in twilight with the Buren. Conner throws the last of his grenades at the approaching three mages, which conveniently goes off right away. The big bad spirit this time hits Pravda with bones for 5 lethal, and Doc’s grandees go off destroys the spirit. Pravda tells the three mages entering to “Hold Still” but one of them is gone with unconscious DOC, one is holding still, and the last is free to move. Wheels drives towards the front. Monte descends a level. Zhao steps out and shoots the unknown mage that is stumbling for 7 successes. Conner accelerates castes a spell to cause damage to his time template for three lethal and falls at Leah’s feet. Pravda hits a seer for 1 lethal. Conner disappears in front of Leah. The other two mages hide behind a planter. Wheels plows his way into the building to position the van into the mages for 8 bashing. Leah heads towards the van by vaulting the second floor banister. Zhao shoots both mages in the head JUSTICE SHOT. Monte is on the ground. Pravda takes the last shot at the mage that moves from multiple places. The last mage disappears with his comrades bodies.

Monte calls for help to reopen the portals after Zhao was unable to. Four mages arrive and look for the portal in. One mage gets their location, but refuses to take Monte causing damage to him to prove his point. They vanish. Monte is going to right a very stern letter saying “I prepared explosive ruins this morning”

Session 12/14/2010

Session 12/14/2010

It is the day after the raid. Chilali carefully looks at the prisoner we brought back to the tower, and finds he was the anchor for the big bad spirit. She takes her time to destroy the fry that bonds the spirit to the human. Monte has his own plans with the prisoner.

Pravda focuses on trying to find his charge, Doc, with no scribing luck do to some space wards. Zhao tries to help.
“yea good luck with that” Zaho
and he walks away to his room where he lights some insenets goes to meditates/sleep and tries to contact Newalla, the changeling. While dreaming of riding down the Great Wall of China on his motorcycle he comes across Newalla. Zhao tells her about his missing partners and the “wizard shields” that stops him from finding them. She tells Zhao to leave as the dream begins to fall. Zhao continues to dream.

Monte apparently has connection to the Zeno Dessert Bar in Uptown Minneapolis. When he went in he over hear someone talking badly about Monte in a drunken rage. Molly the manager has no idea what to do and called Monte. According to Molly’s description it sounds like Victoria and Orpheus has been talking about Monte. Monte follows the drunken guy out and down the street towards Calhoun Square. While on the pursuit Monte comes across a supernal energy that surrounds a man who approaches him giving a warning to stay out of uptown. Monte shares some information about his name being dropped in the bar down the street, then heads back to the town.

Chilali falls asleep on the couch after worrying about Doc and Conner to sleepy to make it to her room. Conner calls at midnight and five minutes later the alarm goes off signaling that there is an intruder. Two- Three wolf like creatures are seen on the monitors. Monte locks the elevator, floods lights turn on the in the warehouse, and Monte calmly ask over the speaker “Why are you in my warehouse” Two unseen figures run away. Two others with ski mask are snooping around. We all make our ways to the monitors.

‘Pravda please come to the control room’ Pravda opens randomly opens room doors looking for the control room “Nope, bathroom” FLUSH.

Then three more run away. Zhao portals after them. Monte trigger a reinforcement door that keeps the dogs in the warehouse. External cameras and all electronics start to turn off. Monte tries to follow Zhao but only jumps in the air. Fails “well there is only one way to skin a Frenchmen” Pravda castes a bigger portal. Zhao portals on top of a guy, and pins him while shooting the other guy with a sight gun in the back of the knee. The guy stumbles but keeps going Zhao lines up another shoot on the other knee.

16 Leah
15 Zhao
13 Monte
10 Pravda

Leah takes over holding the guy down so that Zhao can follow the one he shot. He doesn’t seem to be running slow anymore. The guy twists and then has the advantage over Chilaili. Monte brushes his face with the touch of death, Chilali and the guy screams, one out of fear and one out of pain. Pravda “Stop” but the knee cap guy does not stop “I know, I was being too polite.” Chilaili tries to gain the grapple control but inside she is put into a leg lock. Zhao tried to portal after knee cap guy with no luck. Chilaili takes bashing. Monte now puts his hand on the grappling guy’s throat and touches him with rotting flesh again for 10 lethal damage to his head area. Chilaili kicks off the dead guy (vampire). Pravda could not reach knee cap guy so heads back to melted face guy. Zhao opens another portal and right when he was about to step through the portal the knee cap guy tries to avoid the portal. Monte checks security app on his phone. Zhao pulls out the shot gun flame thrower and fails to hit him. Zhao calls Monte “He got away” Chiliaili controls median life on three dogs to get them into a crate missing one. That one attacks Monte. His hits it to the ground with shadow and drops it into a crate. Monte calls Conner.

“Yea, whats up Monte”
“Vampires just broke in”
“Oh GOD”
“We killed one.Do vampires have magical dogs? Cause there are some vampire dogs here”
“Well yea they can control the creatures of the night. Do you have a chair leg handy? Just sharpen that up and stick him with that just to be safe.
“What, the died guy?”
“Yea, I have a room full of Arrows that do not want to attack”

Call waiting on Monte’s end

Professor Nick calls saying he is coming over in 15 mins just as the warehouse blows up anyone inside takes three lethal. “Oh shit, I have to go”

“Monte what happened to warehouse?” Pravda
“I don’t know but probably Doc did it. There where vampires” Monte
“Two Vampires?”
“No Five”
“Where the fuck are the other three?” Pravda

Conner calls Anna, the art gallery owner. Questioning about Victoria.

Zhao makes some tea for Professor Nick.
“I made it” Zhao
“Yes I see that” Nick
“No I mean I made it” Zhao
“Oh I see. You are learning” Nick

Nick tells us why we are a primary target for attacks. Avoid using magic if you can, and get out of town. Monte calls his insurance company.

‘Like a good neighbor state farm is there…with some mana’ Amy

Nick helps fix the tower so it doesn’t fall while we are out of town.

“Hey Monte sorry about the coat” Conner
“It wasn’t mine” Monte
“Hey what happen to my coat” Zhao

“Hey Leah can you heal me?” Leah stares Conner down while stitching herself up.
Just then a knock on the roof top door. Orpheus was linked with Pravda’s mind
“Who is there?”
“We have door”
“Just let me in. I have information to tell you”

“Don’t worry about Doc” Orpheus
“We normally don’t” Zhao
“Well he is taken care of” Orpheus
“Is he dead” Zhao
“No” Orpheus
“Oh” Zhao
“Why are we being attacked” Monte
“Maybe it is a lover’s quarrel” Orpheus
“So it was Doc fault my warehouse blew up!” Monte

Pravda senses that Orpheus is telling the truth

“We have a way to get you out of here. Don’t use magic they will find you. The path we have for you avoids highways.” Orpheus

While packing Glen Mal shows up.
“Man you guys know how to throw a party”
“I could say joke, but it would be bad”
“I was going to tell ya to leave town, but I think you guys got the message”
“Also one other thing, If you are looking to get out of town we, my cabal, have a contact with Whiskey Jack. He will give you a place to lie low”

Monte then goes down to deal with the prisoner, Michael. He killed him, made him a revenant, have him confess and point out his partners about the human hijacking to the police, then play died until I get you.

Leaving the Sanctum:
Monte is heading to Spain with a fate mage escort (Mark will not be here for two weeks). Monte makes sure here destroys or removes anything that can trace anyone who lived in the sanctum. Chilaili gathers medical supplies and clothing and head to a car, maybe Conner’s. Pravda talks to Orpheus about his charge being dealt with then packs and rides with Conner. Zhao puts his bike in storage and grabs as many guns and potted tea plant as he can then jumps in the gun with Conner. Conner talks to the Arrow, packs some stuff, and a bunch of other stuff. Wheels “Where I am going I will not need games” gets in a DeLorean and drives off to no where.

Near the edge of Shakopee we pull up to a gas station at dawn. Only one guy waits next to a green 1990 Ford Fiesta
“Are you Zhao?”
“Yes who are you”
“Call me Monocle. I will take your keys. This is your car now” pointing to the green Fiesta
As we got into the car it was roomier then what we expected.
“Thanks Monopoly” Zhao
In a brown bag that what given to Conner we found a Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois map. Plus directions to Cairo Illinois as our next stop. One 80’s montage latter we made it to Cairo. Then we were sent to Missouri with a different car and another brown package. Conner and Chilaili switch driving with some night stops between.

After a few dirt roads in the Missouri around the river we see some signs saying tarot card palm readings this way we come across a 1988 Winnebago RV. Then we see a ‘retarded tall’ guy playing a banjo with a bottle of bourbon.
“I recon’ you be the favor I owe now” Whiskey Jack

“You a cowboy?” Zhao
“Don’t do much riding here cause my feet kinda drag on the floor if you know what I’m sayin’”

“You know a Sid?”Zhao
“I might have sliced up a Sid once, but it might have been a ‘ease stop’”


While driving through the country side we here on the radio on something about human traffickers being taken down in the Minneapolis area. Conner studies Occultation with Whiskey Jake and loses at solitaire. I little commentary happened between Conner and Chilaili about how to play Solitaire when the tire pops. Oh and there is smoke coming out of the hood.
“whopper jon” is broken.
Now broken down in Louisiana we come across a wounded Native American man with some broken bones a burned leg.

“I hear you are having car troubles?”
“Oh yea it is on fire”
“So why don’t ya get one of those fire extenders. Don’t you foke always have those”

“well I can fix up you car to get yea to the town up the road..”
“Wait, we where on a road?” Conner
“I mean I will fix your car, but I be needin’ a favor from ya”
“Well like I said earlier to you we can fix you up”
“I was looking for some different kind of help. With a neighbor. Just a small one problem”
“What kind of problem?”
“Just a small problem with my neighbor that killed all my friends”
“Oh so a white picket fence problem”

“Look we don’t get much of you magical people here”
Chilaili puts up a spirit sight to see our friend is half spirit. Under discussion between Conner and Chilaili we deduce he is a shape shifter.

Oh he’s half way there
Take my life he is living on a prayer
Oh he turns into a bear.

“You might want to get some water proof shoes” Joseph
“There are probably leaches in that water” chilaili
“Oh no, all the leeches are up north in the city province” conner

“Look it is only far to know what we are getting ourselves into seeing as you already know how to fix our car.” Chilaili

Walking into the camp site that Joseph said this spiritual neighbor attacked his friends last night. Everyone was uneasy with a heavy presence. Chilaili tries to talk to it in spirit tough to hear what it is doing. “Hello…I feel you here. Show your self” Conner uses some fate magic that allows him to see exactly what happened in this location the night before. A figure on the edge of the clearing steps near the edge wearing a hat and long coat with some kind of heavy fire arm in his hand.

“What are you doin’ heare”
“We are torrist looking with…”
“Get out! This is private porterty”
“Ant no one own a swamp”

20 Spirit
12 Pravda
10 Jack
9 Chilaili
8 Joesph

The gangster spirit shoots towards Jack as Chilaili and Conner hide behind him. Pravda sits out of the way abserving. Jack comes swing at the spirit which falls and disappears. Just then a large fire hits Jack.

“Hey Doom and Groom quite dragging your feet” Joseph towards Pravda

Jack tells the spirit to appear in front of Jack. “What do you want?” (Spirit) Just then Jack uses the tickler in the spirits body then he disappears. Conner throws Monte’s shoot gun to Chilaili she coaxes the spirit in the gun to help her destroy this spiritual foe. Another round of damage to all of us. “Back up!” Conner and we retreat to a safe distance.

“I don’t get it. Why was he a gangster?”
“I reckon he was fitted with some concert shoes”
“But the water is not that deep”
“They might have smeared some stink bate on him to attract the gaiters”
“Stank bate?”

Jack, Chilaili, and Joseph look for the source to the anchor. They come back with a rough anchor while Conner gathers anything burns from the RV.

“You know you sink miles away”
“What do you mean?”
“A stench of bourbon”
“There be no other sink”
“Fine liqueur like that should be shared”
“You can have it as long as ya never call it a liqueur again”

Joseph comes back and tells us about some shack that might be the center around the spiritual pull in this area. Chilaili and Joseph make their way over with a make shift bomb made by Conner with the help of Doc’s grenades. Jack distracts the spirit with some banjo playing just then he is attacked by a group of zombies. Conner and Pravda try to help Jack the best way they can. Joseph and Chilaili burn the shake down with a make shift bomb, but once the smoke clears one man runs out of the shake. Chilaili hesitates to shoot him because she feels he was not involved in the spiritual activity in the area. Joseph on the other hand did not feel the same and transferred into a werewolf in front of Chilaili and runs after the man. Chilaili keeps up as much as she can until she notices the shack and the fact that it is still standing. After all the excitement Chilaili walked into the shack. With some effort she notices some copper pieces imbedded into the walls. These pieces seem very familiar. Running out of the Shack the Joseph now walks into she heads to the rest of the party to bring tell then show them what she has discovered ( a exploded brewery). Joesph discovers the copper pieces and starts to gather them when he noticed a deviation in the floor. Upon reentering the perimeter Chilaili and the rest of the party got shot. Chilaili thinks that a Zhao method might help with a little shrine of Bourbon. Instead Conner, Jack, and Chilaili make a mad run to the shack. Only Chilaili ran threw the gun fire. Some meta gaming later Max gave us some must needed answers. The shack was used to gather food, humans, to feed the spiritual energy. Once someone was in the shack no one was allowed to enter, but when someone was not in the shack then the spirit was at rest.

“You will not like me when I’m angry”
“I don’t like you when you are happy”


What is the plot of the game?”
Season One: Tartarus
Season Two: Awaking/ terracotta solider
Season Three: Red Eye/ Intro to Conner
Season Four: Human trafficking/ Doc’s fuck up/ intro to Pravda
Season Five: On the run with no magic/ intro to Whisky Jack

The big bad guys:


Session 01/18/2011

“Here Zhao I bought you some tea” Monte
Monte as wonderful he is has set us up in a medium type of hotel with two separate rooms, one for Monte one for Chilaili, and one with three beds for the rest. Monte makes himself known to the local consealum. While Conner make himself know to the local arrow consealum, contact name Obre. Conner follows random people with a high contradiction of destiny. Jack follows along. Chilaili pages through her English to French dictionary she bought at the airport. Monte takes us all out to a Chinese restraint. Monte hears something that strikes his interest, something about ‘Gray Wolf’. Between Monte and Jack they were able to deaden the air so we can talk without worry. Jack tells Monte about the death of his parents which was caused by a powerful death tome named Thanacose.

“Zhao, how do I use these? Do I just stab it?” Chilaili
“No. Look goes like this” Zhao.
As he teaches Chilaili how to use the chopsticks

The Arrow and Masteruim call Conner and Monte about mysterious murders. Two slashes to the throat and one to the chest. The most resent death was a mage, female. Not to powerful mage, second degree disciple of the thrysus path with a main focus of in spirit. A time mage saw an obscure image that was fuzzy. Finally Conner and Monte start to realize the MO matches Jack the Ripper. After some patterning to gain mana the party goes to the murder scene of the thrysus. Conner views into the past to see the action. He sees a man in a shitting brown jacket and cap. Catching and remembering the face is too hard so Conner decides to remember his movements/ body language. He also tries to get any other information he can from the guys clothing, selection of organs taken, weapons used. Monte goes in twilight to summon ghost to tell him about the surroundings. An older man talks to him about the murder and ask him to find any information about the murder. As a return he will try to help him move on or move his anchor. Using high speech, Jack tries to reach out to call a level three spirit to him

High speech in a southern dialect

Jack was able to talk to the spirit of the street who tells him about the location the man comes the way he goes. That the man always comes every two days. A mud on the shoe is commonly found in a specific area. Zhao investigates the women’s apartment in the sanctum using an x-ray vision of space magic. Zhao finds a diary that talk about he sleeper boyfriend, Josef SanMarie. Zhao finds a name of a bar name they met at and a café they use to hang out. We went to check out the café first. Monte slips a 50 Euro note to the guy closing up and told him we are investigating a murder and if anyone spots the suspect to give Monte a call and more money will come. Next we head to the bar

“You know what that means Monte? You get to ride bitch. Hahahahahaha” Zhao

Bartender helps out in the same matter at the café guy, but this time we get a firm address of the boyfriend. Lastly we head to the area that the suspect’s dirty shoes bring us. Around the area we find out our suspect shops every three days and were last in the area two days ago. Conner sees into the past and finds an apartment building. Nice to know that he shops during the day, so he is not a vampire. Jack, Conner, and Zhao set up a stack out to wait for our suspect to leave the apartment while Monte and Chilaili go to talk to the boyfriend. The boyfriend is shaken when we told him the description of the man. The boyfriend was able to describe the face specifically the Roman nose. Boyfriend mentions an argument about the mistrust of one of her roommates, the obermost. Two photos of the couple lay in the apartment with the cabal mate, the obermost, in the background. The rest of the guys see the suspect go in the apartment and leave almost five minutes later with a large satchel bag. Zhao hard cores it up to a neighboring roof and portal over to the apartment roof. Peaks into the apartment to see nothing. Almost like the guy doesn’t even live there. Monte and Zhao talk the land lord’s kids about the smelly man. Turns out he moved out not to long ago. Monte and Zhao brake into the apartment and find a vine in the closest.

“Les Gas Company” Jack

“Let’s not hit the street. That’s my friend down there” Jack

session 1/25/2011

Still on a hot pursuit of our serial killer we continue our search to find the man with a hard to remember face with a brown jacket and worn down shoes. We continue to look to see where the man might have moved to by talking to his old neighbors. Starting with the cat lady next door. Over all no new information was found.

After a short talk with Chilaili, Conner reentered the room to see into the past to try to get some more clues. Surprising he was not covered in to blood and that he is carrying a small lunch cooler with him. Zhao called Ryan, an old friend back in the days and told him that they exhausted their resources. With no help. The landlord called us and told us a PO Box address that the guy used as a forwarding address. The name given was Sebastian LaClair for the apartment. With the help of Conner we did get a clear answer that Sedation is a Changeling. Raiding his PO Box we found a post card from Sophie to Domineer about her journey to Tibet. Conner knows the intended person would have now picked up the postcard if it was left in the box. Monte calls the landlord looking for a lease with a signature. Zhao and Chilaili go back to the apartment to let Chilaili to get a life resistance of the killer. 4 hours later Chilaili gets a complete idea of the killer’s resistance and is able to know if the guy walks within a distance of her. She turns and sees Zhao sleeping. Zhao finds himself in a dreaming state talking to his changeling friend.

Monte talks to his ghost to see if the male ghost contacted her yet. With little information he heads back home to regroup then heads to the gentleman’s club. He notices a massager that hands something to an older man. As Chilaili and Zhao walks up to the hotel we ran into Wolf. Wolf and Sheep are the two guys that shot at Leah and Wheels hurting wheels to near death. Jacques hired them and Monte took the initiative to call him and set up a meeting.

At the meeting, The whole party comes just to keep an eye on Monte’s safety. Lucian meets Monty by quickly and quietly sits in front of Monte. Turns out they are going to give us the killer at 1000 Euros. Money we get because Monte matter changed some bricks into gold and sales them at a “We buy gold” Place. He now has resources 5 which he invests into a wine bank in Paris.

After a shopping spree, thanks to Monte’s new wealth, we met Lucian. Monte manages to come to a final agreement to catch the changeling killer and receive information on Mr. Christopher/ Joshua Arbul/ David. The Minneapolis vampire prince is Arbiter. This information of course came at the cost of a favor from Lucian.


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