Tag: Guardian of Stones


  • Gautier

    In return for not being molested Gautier offered his the stone he guarded to the players under the reasoning that he was as sick of being trapped there as the players were.

  • Captain Basil

    Looking like Errol Flynn and carrying a sword with one of the signature stones in its hilt Captain Basil pulled the party off of the shores south of Bartertown into the central ocean of Tartarus. He agreed to give them passage, when they were attacked by …

  • Aegisthus

    When the party arrived at the City of the Dragon looking for the next of the black stones they found themselves at a building not dissimilar to a palace crossed with and ancient Grecian Acropolis. Inside Aegisthus encountered and confronted them. After …

  • Vasilii

    The first, and least hostile of the Guardians that the party met, Vasilli caused very little trouble. His stone was found inside of a fruit instead of a pit as Quentin bit into it in the center of the Labyrinth he rules over. He has since reappeared …

  • Lady Dalyth

    Lady of the city of Athex, in the steampunk realm of Tartarus. She carried her stone in a pocket watch which was stolen by Xavier after he seduced her.