Five Awakenings

session 3/22/2011

“What flavor latte do you want?”
“Latte flavor”

Conner just finished up talking to the local consilium and was able to gain some more experience in mind magic. Now he is able to understand the local language. Monte sits back at the hotel with his feet up on what looks like a statue dog. Jack is still missing, and the last word of Pravda was to Conner about Jack’s stupidity. Conner comes in to the hotel to tell us about Jack which is news to all of us.

“Wait he has my sword!?”
“Who says it is yours?”
“Me and drinky smoke”

Just then Jack comes in bloody and with tethered clothes screaming about a dojo he was just at that was under attack. He escaped through the ciaos. Unaware to us Jack was already a revenant by a seers’ death mage. We walked into a trap that nearly killed chilaili who was only saved by Zhao’s drinky smoke. She tried healing herself but set off 2 paradoxes. Monte’s dog was melted away by taking most of the damage. Conner walks away with burn damage from a sweet magical pistol. Right at the end of the battle Bill from Minneapolis comes to take us home. He also mentions that he has a way to surprise attack Aster. We make our way home to sweet home Minneapolis and rest shortly before headed out towards Aster.

session 3/8/2011

The sword resonance a metal element (five Chinese elements). While in Zhao’s position the smoky drink in the gourd seems to be getting stronger. As Zhao practices against some bamboo mats it is discovered the sword has a damage rating of 4. Jack found a once magical arrow head and Monte is given the name of a seer, Arjuna. If we look into him quietly the guardians will give us the sheath of the sword.

Zhao makes his way back to the bar to meet his contact. His contact passes Zhao a note. Turns out that the person that hired Zhao is sending a note to meet him in a bar and order a drink. After calling his employer it if obviously that is it was not him that sent the note. Zhao meets the man and he is familiar, like a younger version of Lee. Some Mata gaming later it is discovered that this man is the real Lee after escaping the hedge, and he wants to regain his old life from the fetch that has taken his place.
“A friend of mine. You mind if she joins us?” Zhao waves Chilaili to meet them
“She doesn’t speck chienese.”
“ni how” chilaili
“Harro” Lee
Zhao then opens a portal to the old Lee’s location to clear things up. Chiliaili under the request of Zhao scans. Zhao opens a portal and sends the young Lee and Chilaili to see the old Lee. After some talk with the old Lee it was discovered that they will not live peacefully. Chiliaili says that we should send the old Lee back were he came from. We traveled to the hedge and after a little fight we sent the old Lee into the sun set with a gunshot wound.

“I think we wait for the one that matches the arrow and we follow \him then you ‘talk’ to him if you know what I mean. And if that doesn’t work then I tickle him” Then the man they where going to follow heads into a grocery store.
“I have the sudden need to go shopping”
“I too, I could use some more squiggly line cheesy poof things”
“I too can indulge in the poofy cheese.”
Then the man heads out the back and to a stair case to a apartment above the store.
“lives with a dog. I can easily subdue the dog peacefully with my magic. And I sure you can ehhhh his mind to talk to him.”
Pravda uses magic to be able to speck Chinese and then knocks on the door
“Who is it”
“We would like to ask you questions to a survey”
“…okay come in”
Pravda opens the door to be hit by a lighting bolt. He falls over near death
“Why did ya do that for. I found your item here, and we only wanted to talk to ya”
“very well”
“Well, can I heal my friend first?”
“Very well”
Pravda is heal and then proceeds to walk out of there only to be stopped by a death mage and the shadow. After some time the seer convinces Jack to walk in an ‘talk’ but Jack is not a good liar and has jailed in a shadow cage. More lies caused Jack to be squeezed to unconscious by the shadow. Pravda simply said he wanted to leave and they seers let him go.

session 3/01/2011

Conner wakes up the following day and is greeted by Lucian. Conner offers some information about the gourd and tablet, but Lucian offers a different task. One that involves stealing a sword from Lucian’s rival from the Seers of the thrown. Conner pries for information about the fan, but Lucian passes it of as an object no relevance. Conner pulls Jack to the side:

“So you know that Lucian guy?”
“Well, he just walked through our door”
“Why didn’t you tell me so I can take his crap?”
“I didn’t think that was a good idea, seeing as he just got us a location of the final magical item, which is in the procession of a seer called Kong”
“How do know this ant a trap”
“Well, if he can walk right through our door I suppose he could just kill us then and now”

With six hours to prepare we knew the hotel room. Pravda and Chilaili wait in the lobby, and Monte, Jack, and Conner in Twilight on the floor of the bad guy. Jack sees a man in Twilight and is unable to resistance the urge to kill a seer and steps out of Twilight to kill him only to face four aggravated damage.

15 (11) Conner
15 Monte
14 Zaho
14 Chilaili
10 Jack
8 Pravda

Conner “quickly” steps out of twilight towards stabbing the bad guy. The bad guy manages to deflect only to have the end up with Conner’s knife stuck inside him. The bad guy manages slip away and hell himself. Zhao see a little bit of Jack bleeding in his blind spot. Zhao takes a shot only to have it stopped by the window. Seems like the window is a lot stronger then it should be. “Damn Matter mages” Jack manages to slice him again with Betsy. The bad guy says to Jack “You are in the way” slicing him up and making a b-lines to the exit. Monte sees him vanishing into the conference room so he shoots him for 7 lethal damage with his shot gun. The bad guy had a second spell that went off, but he is still up. Zhao makes a hard core move to jump to the hotel building leaving his gun behind. Zhao then sees the man and focuses his effort to the weakest part of the glass. Chilaili increase defense with organic resistance, and increases her strength by 2 all in the blind spot of the camera. Conner hurts him again with his knife one more time. Jack, not acting on his better judgment, throws Betsy at the bad guy only to pass out to his wounds. Pravda scries to adjust his sights since he moved. Conner goes towards mess up his pattern only to be absorbed by a counter spell. Then the bad guy jumps out the window Zhao just shot through. Monte follows and shoots him again with his shot gun. Zhao jumped after monte “Monte!”
“I’LL Be fine!”
Just then the elevator doors open. Chilaili just has a look of shock on her face as she notices Jack on the ground. Pravda casually walks out of the lobby to the last estimated location of the bad guy. Monte falls onto an awning that he made structurally more sound and elasticity. Zhao follows. Everyone passes it off as if this was a movie stunt. They continue to head towards the body. The body is carted away by guardian of the thrown. Conner hears Monte say his mage name and ask them if they can send a movie crew to keep up the charade that people jumping out of windows was a movie stunt. Chilaili continues to heal Jack and fills him in. WE now have the sword.

session 2/22/2011

“Hello Monte, I climbed out of man hole looking for you.”
“I am next to tree”
“I don’t know this area. Use a mind link with Zhao and he will help you. I don’t know Hong-Kong” click
“Hello Zhao. I’m by man hole next to tree. Presumably in Hong-Kong”
“Oh ok, I’ll find you”
30 minutes later.
“I have change of mind. I will find you.”
“No I got it don’t worry” click
Conner randomly points a map and there is a good chance that Pravda is there.
“Hey Zhao why don’t we check here”
“Shh. I’m working here”
“Ok Pravda goes forward”
In front there was a wall
“North” Zhao
“Hey Pravda do you want me to call you a cab” Conner
“Tell him to turn left”
“Tell him to turn left”

Monte creates a shadow box to keep the seers contained
Enter Pravda
“You know if you put a smiley face on that then it would remind me of a box in old country called ‘Днем окно времени’. This translates to… umm… happy fun time box”

“Hey Chilaili, I have to go on a stack out. It is next to a bar I here is good. You want to come…”
Chilaili is already on Zhao bike
“Well, come on we are wasting time. It is only 6 hours till closing time!”

In the mean time Pravda, Conner, Jack, and Monte ‘question’ the serving Seers in the happy fun time box, which is now decorated with a smiley face on the door. The woman wake up and is greeted to an angry bunch. After some mind fucking Pravda realized they are banishers
Universal speech:
“Now if you will be talking to my friend here and if you do anything I will know and then there will be a knife in your shoulder.” Conner
“Hello. How are you today? Has your day been eventful?” Pravda
“Demons” girl (Boe)
“You use this word a lot. Can you define what a demon is?” Pravda
“You have a great power you shouldn’t be using” Boe
Just then a knife landed in her shoulder.
“Now what did you do” Pravda
“I told you that I would put a knife in a shoulder if you did something” Conner
“What did she do” Pravda
“Used magic to change her strength and break the zip cords” Conner
After some ingressive negations Jack was able to get the name Lucian from the other Banisher. Pravda taking the more peaceful route sent the urging to Boe to go to India to rethink her life. Then Monte and Pravda head to the sanctum back in Minneapolis to gather Task and more importantly bring the Talisman of Time/ Fire to the safety local mysteritum.

In the mean time, Zhao treats Chilaili to a drink or two or three or four while they stack out a man that maybe impersonating the Triad boss. Zhao convinces Chilaili to pull a trick like Jack and changes herself into a china woman to blend into the surroundings better.
“You look better then Jack did”
“Will I’m not a giant”
Zhao recognizes a trouble maker and the man he is talking to. The man looks strongly like the man he uses to work with. That is if he didn’t age, but the family name suggests that he might be related. After bribing/ paying the troublemaker to seek out information, Zhao tapped him on a shoulder and which was a quite way to place a bug on him

Jack wants to chance to find Lucian and the missing jade item. We follow the death resistance of the fan threw the spirit realm. We come up empty handed after being attacked by the spirit of poverty and garbage and a mystery man with time magic and a knife. With the trail cold we head back to possibly review our option of Plan B.

session 2/08/2011

“are you here for business or pleasure?”
“Business is pleasure.” Monte

“Are you five loud Americans?”
“I’m Chinese” Zhao
“Well, I may count as two but that still adds up to four” Jack
“Hi, my name is Pravda”
“Yea, we know. We met before”
“No I think you are mistaken”

Zhao treats us all to the local food. Pravda is in contact with the local consilum. After heading to a hotel that Pravda’s connections gave us, Zhao went back to his old ‘office’ to get reunited. After some small talk Zhao got some information about Tsunlow, a rival under boss son. Pravda mentions to the group that there is some recon that is needed on the some Seers in Hong Kong.

“Sir, you have my complete and undivided attention.” Jack
“That is good I think” Pravda
“We are going to have to watch them in a tree with a Burmese pit trap…”Jack
“We are not going to be digging any traps for people…” Conner
“I don’t know what is worse, pit trap or the tree we are watching them in” Pravda
“Tree high rise doesn’t mater…” Jack
“Well as long as we are not sending gaiters on them” Conner

“So I was thinking that we let Zhao and Monte to do there underground handlings ” Conner
“Sightseeing” Zhao
“I need to buy a watch” Monte

Monte and Zhao head to Sunlow’s location
“Should I be bringing a something more then a shotgun in twilight?”
“Usually it is nice to bring a gift”

Zhao walks into a tearoom and everyone looks at him. He walks to a low ranking guy drinking a cheap knock off of Jack Daniels by himself. Zhao tells him he is looking to do business with the boss. Zhao shows the guy his tattoo. “Fair enough.” They head out of the bar. And they are lead to a third floor bedroom apartment 3 blocks away. Quinyeow

Looking for Brandon Pole: Chilaili, Pravda, Jack, and Conner split up to cover more ground. Chilaili catches a glimpses of light and walks to it, and then vanishes from the telepathic link they had up. A stork like creature was there and asked for help. Conner creates a time loop to tell when and where chilaili is. Chiliaili heads down tunnel. The other three meet up with her and the stork leads us to what needs to be removed. Magic does not work here.

“Who needs magic if you have Betsy and your little pig sticker there”

“Now I am just waiting for a little vile that says drink me and a mushroom that says eat me” Pravda

We come to a river and the stork runs away after telling us the item that needs to be removed in across the river. Jack pays boat man with copper buffalo magical item, Conner gives him his deck of cards, Chilaili gives willpower.

“You know, I say I will wait for conditions to improve” Pravda
Pravda stays behind

Zhao and Monte: Tsunlow is hunted by Zhao dressed as a Chinese mythology god, ‘Iron Conch Lee’ and Monte armed with shadows. After knowing our Tsunlow’s guards and pined Tsunlow to the wall with shadow, Zhao approaches him and he believes that Zhao is Iron Conch Lee.

“How do you want to get him to the closes temple?”
“How about your train?”
“Train… Do you mean Twilight?”
“How did you get train out of that?”
“Well, it is your form of Transportation”

The other four party members come across a large frog on the other side of the river.

“Wooo. That be the biggest swap chicken I have seen!”

Frog stops in front of a jaded flag that Shades can not pick up. After picking it up, the frog opens another opening and we head in. Coming to another river the frog drops a tablet. All ghost/ spirits leave the frog alone. We get in the boat again form a different direction but we where still able to Pravda out of there. We then some how get out of there where we see the Stork again. “Go Go Go now” Then the Stork dances and a man hole appears above us. Chilaili gets the hell out.


Session 2/1/11

Waiting for 2 hours we are waiting buy international tickets and to meet up with Jacque’s friend the alchemist. We head over and Conner notices that he might be a sleep walker. After Monte introduces us as friends of Jacque. He shuts the door cleans up and then lets us enter.

“OOO this is a fancy Moonshine option yer got here”
Zhao walks behind the viles that distorts his face in a mater like a funhouse. Chilaili laughs and Conner says hello to another man sitting in the corner. Monte checks out his age and notices he looks 45 but his mind is older. Bluntly coming out Monte ask in France how he was able to distort his age.
“it was a knowledge introduced to me from a friend of a friend”
The device that was used was not anything recognized in anyway. Conner checks out the books. And Zhao ask about the Gray wolf. *Potion of Longenaitivy * “I believe Jacque ask you to come by because of a medallion my grandson Terry has found” He shows us a medallion that seems like function as a key. He talks to Chilaili and Conner about Zoology of the mythacail creatures. He tells us about a creature that is eating sheep that is bird like. He describes it as a small Roc.

A train ride/ patrolling/ bike ride to the location. After Scaring the locals we meet up. We start moving to the location and notice a large bat wing lizard looking creature filling above us. Terry is fansonated with the creature and pulls out a camera to try to get a clear focus. Just then Conner puts him out of time.

Whisky Jack

Conner uses crono curse to slow the beast down. Zhao yells at the beast while turning the bike around to head near it. Monte uses Shadow net to pull the beast down and wraps inside the net.

“Looks like we got some dragon Ringling”

Chilaili tries to claim the beast to think that the nets are comforting. Looks like it works with four successes but it is unknown. Whiskey Jack speeds up to get closer to the best.

“Have ya guys seen a hog tie compettion?”

Conner’s spell wears off. Zhao drives dramatically and comes to a stops with his stopping foot right at his nose. Conner’s Crono curse wears off and the dragon plumits. He also tries to cut off the air supply to force the creature to passout. Monte opens a twilight portal under the beast were the manetom pulls the beast into twilight. Chilaili and Zhao falls in with it. Jack opens his own portal and meets us in there. Conner readys for the reappearance of Terry.

“What do you think it is Chilaili?”
“Dragon’s don’t have wings”

“I’m going to hold onto this like a tornado holds on to a trailer”

Terry reappears:
Well hi there. Are you ok now? Whiskey jack just ran back to get some water. We were worried about you”
“You just got spacey after seeing a real low crop duster. I mean weird color for a crop duster”

Jack and Chilaili work together for the frist time to put the beast(wyvern) into a controlled comma. Chilaili takes a sample of the venom from the tail in hopes to develop an antivenin later. We find the cavern door and are able to unlock it with the not so obvious key hole. A stair case leads down and the flash lights go out. We manage to deal with Terry by slipping him out of time again. Just in the knick of time we are able to deal with some spiritual lights. They hit Jack with 7 lethal damage after he dissipates one. Johnny the Boar comes flying in to join the fight.

bad guys

The spirits take turns causing damage to Conner, Jack, and Zhao. Zhao pulls out a gun and Zippo to attract it and then shoot it. Conner thinks about ways to reenter the cavern without awakening the spirits. Chilaili manages to make one flee with control spirit. Just then Zhao was able to shoot one that came close to him. Monte tries to suck two into a jar. The one that Zhao shot at burns Monte with the flame stolen from Zhao. Zhao sees this spirit and drops the Zippo to replace it with a second gun shooting the spirit to a dissipated state.

We now notice we are in a library location with a spiral stair case in the corner. In a marble room there was a Basilsk in cage trapped in trapped in a time loop in the corner. A crystal skull that Monte quickly takes and a few potion looking items. One four gallon bottle that Conner says not to drink. And a pentacle inlayed on the floor with sliver. Two knives with a ebony and ivory handle lay on the table. Zhao, Conner, and Jack all look at the knives.

The wyvern is in the sanctum, the four gallon jug, some books, and we manage to harvest some task from the garden. We noticed someone was there, in the safe, library, and garden.

session 1/25/2011

Still on a hot pursuit of our serial killer we continue our search to find the man with a hard to remember face with a brown jacket and worn down shoes. We continue to look to see where the man might have moved to by talking to his old neighbors. Starting with the cat lady next door. Over all no new information was found.

After a short talk with Chilaili, Conner reentered the room to see into the past to try to get some more clues. Surprising he was not covered in to blood and that he is carrying a small lunch cooler with him. Zhao called Ryan, an old friend back in the days and told him that they exhausted their resources. With no help. The landlord called us and told us a PO Box address that the guy used as a forwarding address. The name given was Sebastian LaClair for the apartment. With the help of Conner we did get a clear answer that Sedation is a Changeling. Raiding his PO Box we found a post card from Sophie to Domineer about her journey to Tibet. Conner knows the intended person would have now picked up the postcard if it was left in the box. Monte calls the landlord looking for a lease with a signature. Zhao and Chilaili go back to the apartment to let Chilaili to get a life resistance of the killer. 4 hours later Chilaili gets a complete idea of the killer’s resistance and is able to know if the guy walks within a distance of her. She turns and sees Zhao sleeping. Zhao finds himself in a dreaming state talking to his changeling friend.

Monte talks to his ghost to see if the male ghost contacted her yet. With little information he heads back home to regroup then heads to the gentleman’s club. He notices a massager that hands something to an older man. As Chilaili and Zhao walks up to the hotel we ran into Wolf. Wolf and Sheep are the two guys that shot at Leah and Wheels hurting wheels to near death. Jacques hired them and Monte took the initiative to call him and set up a meeting.

At the meeting, The whole party comes just to keep an eye on Monte’s safety. Lucian meets Monty by quickly and quietly sits in front of Monte. Turns out they are going to give us the killer at 1000 Euros. Money we get because Monte matter changed some bricks into gold and sales them at a “We buy gold” Place. He now has resources 5 which he invests into a wine bank in Paris.

After a shopping spree, thanks to Monte’s new wealth, we met Lucian. Monte manages to come to a final agreement to catch the changeling killer and receive information on Mr. Christopher/ Joshua Arbul/ David. The Minneapolis vampire prince is Arbiter. This information of course came at the cost of a favor from Lucian.


Session 01/18/2011

“Here Zhao I bought you some tea” Monte
Monte as wonderful he is has set us up in a medium type of hotel with two separate rooms, one for Monte one for Chilaili, and one with three beds for the rest. Monte makes himself known to the local consealum. While Conner make himself know to the local arrow consealum, contact name Obre. Conner follows random people with a high contradiction of destiny. Jack follows along. Chilaili pages through her English to French dictionary she bought at the airport. Monte takes us all out to a Chinese restraint. Monte hears something that strikes his interest, something about ‘Gray Wolf’. Between Monte and Jack they were able to deaden the air so we can talk without worry. Jack tells Monte about the death of his parents which was caused by a powerful death tome named Thanacose.

“Zhao, how do I use these? Do I just stab it?” Chilaili
“No. Look goes like this” Zhao.
As he teaches Chilaili how to use the chopsticks

The Arrow and Masteruim call Conner and Monte about mysterious murders. Two slashes to the throat and one to the chest. The most resent death was a mage, female. Not to powerful mage, second degree disciple of the thrysus path with a main focus of in spirit. A time mage saw an obscure image that was fuzzy. Finally Conner and Monte start to realize the MO matches Jack the Ripper. After some patterning to gain mana the party goes to the murder scene of the thrysus. Conner views into the past to see the action. He sees a man in a shitting brown jacket and cap. Catching and remembering the face is too hard so Conner decides to remember his movements/ body language. He also tries to get any other information he can from the guys clothing, selection of organs taken, weapons used. Monte goes in twilight to summon ghost to tell him about the surroundings. An older man talks to him about the murder and ask him to find any information about the murder. As a return he will try to help him move on or move his anchor. Using high speech, Jack tries to reach out to call a level three spirit to him

High speech in a southern dialect

Jack was able to talk to the spirit of the street who tells him about the location the man comes the way he goes. That the man always comes every two days. A mud on the shoe is commonly found in a specific area. Zhao investigates the women’s apartment in the sanctum using an x-ray vision of space magic. Zhao finds a diary that talk about he sleeper boyfriend, Josef SanMarie. Zhao finds a name of a bar name they met at and a café they use to hang out. We went to check out the café first. Monte slips a 50 Euro note to the guy closing up and told him we are investigating a murder and if anyone spots the suspect to give Monte a call and more money will come. Next we head to the bar

“You know what that means Monte? You get to ride bitch. Hahahahahaha” Zhao

Bartender helps out in the same matter at the café guy, but this time we get a firm address of the boyfriend. Lastly we head to the area that the suspect’s dirty shoes bring us. Around the area we find out our suspect shops every three days and were last in the area two days ago. Conner sees into the past and finds an apartment building. Nice to know that he shops during the day, so he is not a vampire. Jack, Conner, and Zhao set up a stack out to wait for our suspect to leave the apartment while Monte and Chilaili go to talk to the boyfriend. The boyfriend is shaken when we told him the description of the man. The boyfriend was able to describe the face specifically the Roman nose. Boyfriend mentions an argument about the mistrust of one of her roommates, the obermost. Two photos of the couple lay in the apartment with the cabal mate, the obermost, in the background. The rest of the guys see the suspect go in the apartment and leave almost five minutes later with a large satchel bag. Zhao hard cores it up to a neighboring roof and portal over to the apartment roof. Peaks into the apartment to see nothing. Almost like the guy doesn’t even live there. Monte and Zhao talk the land lord’s kids about the smelly man. Turns out he moved out not to long ago. Monte and Zhao brake into the apartment and find a vine in the closest.

“Les Gas Company” Jack

“Let’s not hit the street. That’s my friend down there” Jack


What is the plot of the game?”
Season One: Tartarus
Season Two: Awaking/ terracotta solider
Season Three: Red Eye/ Intro to Conner
Season Four: Human trafficking/ Doc’s fuck up/ intro to Pravda
Season Five: On the run with no magic/ intro to Whisky Jack

The big bad guys:


While driving through the country side we here on the radio on something about human traffickers being taken down in the Minneapolis area. Conner studies Occultation with Whiskey Jake and loses at solitaire. I little commentary happened between Conner and Chilaili about how to play Solitaire when the tire pops. Oh and there is smoke coming out of the hood.
“whopper jon” is broken.
Now broken down in Louisiana we come across a wounded Native American man with some broken bones a burned leg.

“I hear you are having car troubles?”
“Oh yea it is on fire”
“So why don’t ya get one of those fire extenders. Don’t you foke always have those”

“well I can fix up you car to get yea to the town up the road..”
“Wait, we where on a road?” Conner
“I mean I will fix your car, but I be needin’ a favor from ya”
“Well like I said earlier to you we can fix you up”
“I was looking for some different kind of help. With a neighbor. Just a small one problem”
“What kind of problem?”
“Just a small problem with my neighbor that killed all my friends”
“Oh so a white picket fence problem”

“Look we don’t get much of you magical people here”
Chilaili puts up a spirit sight to see our friend is half spirit. Under discussion between Conner and Chilaili we deduce he is a shape shifter.

Oh he’s half way there
Take my life he is living on a prayer
Oh he turns into a bear.

“You might want to get some water proof shoes” Joseph
“There are probably leaches in that water” chilaili
“Oh no, all the leeches are up north in the city province” conner

“Look it is only far to know what we are getting ourselves into seeing as you already know how to fix our car.” Chilaili

Walking into the camp site that Joseph said this spiritual neighbor attacked his friends last night. Everyone was uneasy with a heavy presence. Chilaili tries to talk to it in spirit tough to hear what it is doing. “Hello…I feel you here. Show your self” Conner uses some fate magic that allows him to see exactly what happened in this location the night before. A figure on the edge of the clearing steps near the edge wearing a hat and long coat with some kind of heavy fire arm in his hand.

“What are you doin’ heare”
“We are torrist looking with…”
“Get out! This is private porterty”
“Ant no one own a swamp”

20 Spirit
12 Pravda
10 Jack
9 Chilaili
8 Joesph

The gangster spirit shoots towards Jack as Chilaili and Conner hide behind him. Pravda sits out of the way abserving. Jack comes swing at the spirit which falls and disappears. Just then a large fire hits Jack.

“Hey Doom and Groom quite dragging your feet” Joseph towards Pravda

Jack tells the spirit to appear in front of Jack. “What do you want?” (Spirit) Just then Jack uses the tickler in the spirits body then he disappears. Conner throws Monte’s shoot gun to Chilaili she coaxes the spirit in the gun to help her destroy this spiritual foe. Another round of damage to all of us. “Back up!” Conner and we retreat to a safe distance.

“I don’t get it. Why was he a gangster?”
“I reckon he was fitted with some concert shoes”
“But the water is not that deep”
“They might have smeared some stink bate on him to attract the gaiters”
“Stank bate?”

Jack, Chilaili, and Joseph look for the source to the anchor. They come back with a rough anchor while Conner gathers anything burns from the RV.

“You know you sink miles away”
“What do you mean?”
“A stench of bourbon”
“There be no other sink”
“Fine liqueur like that should be shared”
“You can have it as long as ya never call it a liqueur again”

Joseph comes back and tells us about some shack that might be the center around the spiritual pull in this area. Chilaili and Joseph make their way over with a make shift bomb made by Conner with the help of Doc’s grenades. Jack distracts the spirit with some banjo playing just then he is attacked by a group of zombies. Conner and Pravda try to help Jack the best way they can. Joseph and Chilaili burn the shake down with a make shift bomb, but once the smoke clears one man runs out of the shake. Chilaili hesitates to shoot him because she feels he was not involved in the spiritual activity in the area. Joseph on the other hand did not feel the same and transferred into a werewolf in front of Chilaili and runs after the man. Chilaili keeps up as much as she can until she notices the shack and the fact that it is still standing. After all the excitement Chilaili walked into the shack. With some effort she notices some copper pieces imbedded into the walls. These pieces seem very familiar. Running out of the Shack the Joseph now walks into she heads to the rest of the party to bring tell then show them what she has discovered ( a exploded brewery). Joesph discovers the copper pieces and starts to gather them when he noticed a deviation in the floor. Upon reentering the perimeter Chilaili and the rest of the party got shot. Chilaili thinks that a Zhao method might help with a little shrine of Bourbon. Instead Conner, Jack, and Chilaili make a mad run to the shack. Only Chilaili ran threw the gun fire. Some meta gaming later Max gave us some must needed answers. The shack was used to gather food, humans, to feed the spiritual energy. Once someone was in the shack no one was allowed to enter, but when someone was not in the shack then the spirit was at rest.

“You will not like me when I’m angry”
“I don’t like you when you are happy”


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