Leah Clearwater "Chilaili"

A overall kind-hearted native american with a passion to heal and eat/drink good food.


Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2, Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 4.

Mental Skills: Medicine (EMT) 3, Occult (native American Myths & Rituals) 2, Science 2

Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Drive 1, Firearms (pistols) 1, Survival (foraging) 3

Social Skills: Animal Ken 2, Empathy 2

Merits: Holistic Awareness 3, Quick Healer 4, Resources (Monty) 1, Shared Sactum 1, Shared Hallow 4, Brawl Dodge 1, Krav Maga 2

Path: Thyrus Cabal: Astrum Vigilo Order: None

Gnosis: 2 Mana: 2

Arcanum: Fate 1, Life 3, Spirit 2

Rotes: BALM OF FLESH, PAGE 186, Dice pool: composer+ medicine + life

Size 5, Speed 10, Initiative Mod 7, Defense (Kevlor) 2

Health 8, Willpower 6

Current XP
Mundane: 2/81
Arcane XP: 14/19 (awakened)

Krav Maga Fighting Style

Immediate Defense
The character had learned to act quickly to neutralize a threat and make a fast escape. She gains a bonus equal to her Initiative equal to her Brawl Skill when fighting armed opponents.
Disarming Defense
The character twists her torso out of danger while grabbing her opponent’s wrist and pulling him forward, using her own torso for leverage as she tears his weapon from his hand. This acts as the Disarm Merit save that utilizes the Brawl Skill. Rather than knocking the weapon away, the character takes the weapon from her opponent, and may use it the following turn.
Impenetrable Defense
The character knows that offense and defense are one in the same. The Character may add his rating in his Brawl Skill to his Defense or Dodge against a single incoming attack. The bonus from this maneuver combines with that from Brawling Dodge. Drawback The character must expand a Willpower point to perform his maneuver. This maneuver is reflective, and a character may use it and perform an instant action (such as attacking) so long as she did not use the Dodge action.
The First Moment
Finishing the Fight

Last updated 11/16/2010


A victim of circumstance, Leah, found herself thrown into a world of magic back in august of 2010. Since then she has learned how messed up the world can truly be. Leah quickly shed her name Leah Clearwater for her Native American birth name Chilaili. She struggles to uphold her compassionate nature while being in a masculine cabal called the Astrum Vigilo. Under guides of Bunyip, her magical mentor, and Buren, a new friend that helps train her physically, Chilaili is learning to take action against the wrongs of the world while trying to uphold her values as a Doctor to do no harm.

Leah Clearwater "Chilaili"

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