Zhao "The Demon" Wei-Lin

A bitter old Chinese gunslinger with a lot of problems.


Zhao is fifty year old Chinese man. He wears rumpled business casual clothes, sometimes opting for a leather jacket and some jeans instead. Burn scars stretch down the left half of his face, and peek out of his sleeve on the left arm. He generally carries his two favorite Glock 17 pistols in hidden shoulder holsters.


Zhao grew up Hong Kong, and by the time he would be in high school he joined the triads. Through the years he became a gunrunner, and the art of street warfare became second nature to him. When his father died, he vowed to correct his wrongs by becoming a Buddhist, and fled to America.

There he joined Big Lou’s Private Securities, a team of private investigators outside of Chicago. He made some important contacts there, and eventually wound up in an underground shootout with cultists that left him with a lot of second and third degree burns.

He and the remaining members of the team made their way to Detroit, and formed Cowboy Tony’s Big Darn Hero Service, a similar investigatory organization, but with a lot more chaotic conflicts. It was here he acquired the nickname “The Demon” through public television ads and publicity stunts (and also some real work) for the benefit of the Hero Service.

During the Hero Service’s last mission, several of the team members were killed in a terrific explosion that business industry decided to cover up and cement over.

He eventually made his way back to San Francisco, where he first arrived in America, and set up a small gun range for himself.

Zhao "The Demon" Wei-Lin

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